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Should Be... - Fat1thatyoulove

The sequel to the Could Be series, part 57. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Winning!

The slightly sweaty and intensely staring blue unicorn holds his eyes open wide as he almost falls from his leaning off the seat he hardly even sits on.

The light blue magic around the swirled two colored sky blue bowling ball slowly rocks it back and forth as it's puppet master continues to adjust her aim. However, the slow rock finally comes to it's end as the ball is cocked back one last time and then sent quickly down the slick wood lanes.

Without question the thunderous sound of the newest strike bounces back from the end of the lane, it's sound quickly sparks up Bell's voice as he slams his front hooves to the seat, "AH! Come on!"

Violet casually flips her mane from her face as she trots away from the line and back to the other bench.

A muffled laugh comes up from the tan stallion as he talks through the fifth serving of cheese and sauce covered chips, "Mhm...You know *munch* Bell *munch* for somepony that suggested magic use *munch* you're not really a good sport about it."

Violet happily sits to her seat as Bell wiggles his hoof to her, "Well I didn't think Violet would try hard?!"

Futty moves his hoof to the slightly stained score sheet as he holds his smile, "Well if Sparky gets nine pins they win."

The light orange pegasus who's already trotted up to the lane turns to the comment as he gives a little smile to Bell, "You wanted to switch teams Bell."

"Duh, can’t embarrass you to much in front of Violet." The blue stallion proudly holds his head up as he continues his comment, "Not that she already doesn't know how embarassing you are."

Sparky rolls his eyes to the comment as he takes himself a little off the ground, he moves his front hooves over one of the resting bowling balls as he starts to focus in on the pins down the lane.

"And don't cross that line, I got my eyes on you." Bell holds his hoof to Sparky's back side as Futty speaks up with a little laugh, "Ya Sparky, Bell's staring at your flank so he'll know if you cross the line."

The comment quickly takes Bell's attention as he push the stallion next to him a little, which quickly ends the thicker stallion's chuckles as he fumbled with his chips a little, "Whoa Bell, don't spill my chips."

"OH no you lost a chi-*CRASH!*" The sound of the pins turn Bell's head as he looks over the remaining pin.

"AH, they won!" As Bell's comment comes to an end Sparky brings himself back down to the ground as he holds his little smile.

But, before Sparky can even speak up Bell has already started to run his mouth, "Alright, next game."

Futty slumps a little in his seat as he blows a little, "I don't know if I want to play another best of three."

Sparky turns his eyes to the clock as he tries to agree with the comment, "Ya, it's getting kinda late."

"So?" Bell puffs his chest out as he speaks up, "What does everypony have a bed time or something?"

Violet and Sparky both give each other a little look as the light purple mare brings her hooves up.

The mare's motion takes a few moments for the other unicorn to bring out a response but he does as he cocks his head, "So you can't play another?"

A little laugh comes up from Futty as he looks over the score sheet he's kept, "Well actually Bell even if we did play another game you would still be dead last."

The tan stallion's comment brings a little wheezing laugh from Violet as she watches the unicorn's horn spark up in a heavy pink glow, "No way you counted wrong."

"Nope, in fact if you played two more games you wouldn't even beat my score."

Bell quickly moves the paper aside as he cocks his head to the stallion, "No way, I challenge you to that."

"Oh ya?" Futty gets a wide smile as he speaks up, "What's the bet?"

Sparky and Violet's ears perk up as they wait for the usual crazy things the two ponies wager.

Bell just blows to the comment as he pokes his hoof to his friend, "If I win, you can't eat cake for the rest of the month."

The tan stallion's smile melts from his face as he's thrown into a silent stare. But it doesn't take long as he speaks up, "Alright, if I win you have to ask out Pearl."

"What the hay?! No, that's not even fair. It's not like I asked you to eat dirt." Bell's words are cut off as Futty waves his hoof, "OHHH, scared? Huh? Bella?"

"Oh you're so on!" Bell shakes his head as he starts to roll his neck a little, even though he doesn't need to warm up anymore.

Futty holds his confident smile as he continues to add to his bet, "And you have to ask her out like this." The stallion sits up a little as he clears his throat, "If ponies were oysters I would stop trying to find my Pearl, because of you nopony is as unique or perfect as you."

Bell sticks his tongue out a little as he just waves his hoof, "Ya ya, whatever. And if I win, you can't even have ice cream."

"That's fine, i'm not going to lose." Futty stands from the seat as he nods to the two smiling ponies watching on, "So you two going to stay and see this or naw?"

Sparky shifts a little as he speaks up, "I think we should head back."

"Suit yourself. Come on Bell you go first." As Futty's comment ends Sparky takes his pouch from the seat as he waits for Violet, "You ready to go?"

The light purple mare nods her head as Sparky follows after her.

- - -
(Across town)

The library continues to settle as the heat still held in the house starts to seep from the closed windows and out into the cooler night's air.

However, each little pop or crack sound has you turning your head to the door as you continue to just try and guess as to what time it is.

"...So what do you think?"

Twilight's voice snaps you back to reality as you look to the mare and the few books that float next to her, "Um...Yes?"

The lavender mare just rolls her eyes as she speaks up, "You didn't listen to a thing I said did you?"

You think over your options as you squint to her, but you decided it's better to try your luck then actually say something, "I was just trying to figure out what time it is."

The comment squints Twilight's eyes as she points her hoof to the wall, "You know there's a clock right?"

You turn your eyes to the weird sideways hanging sun dial as your eyes widen, "T-that's a clock?"

Twilight cocks her head to the comment as she speaks up, "Y-yes? It's nine thirty. You did know that right?"

Trying not to feel stupid you straighten your posture as you give a simple nod.

A faint giggle comes to Twilight as she just turns back to the bookshelves, "Well I was asking what you think that book was called."

You blink too the comment as you sheepishly speak up, “Which book?”

A faint huff comes up from Twilight as she rings her voice out, “The book I used to grow the tree, we should at least have it in case Violet decides to stay home for the time between school.”

Your ear flicks to the comment as you speak up a little annoyed, “How come you’re trying too make Violet grow up so fast?”

“What?” Twilight cocks her head back to you as she speaks up, “I’m not trying to make her grow up to fast?”

You shake your head as you speak up, “Then how come you keep talking about Violet leaving the house?”

A faint one ha laugh comes up from the mare as she turns to you, “She’s going to move out at some point.”

“I know that, but-...” You stutter a little on your sentence as you try to bring out a response.

The lavender mare just raises her eyebrows as she waits for a response, but you’re not able to bring your feelings into words. To the silence Twilight brings her voice up as she takes a step closer to you, “Violet is not leaving tomorrow or anything...It’s alright.”

You blink too the comment as you just look over the mare’s sweet smile, why am I the only one with empty nest fever?

"Hey Twilight."

The boyish voice turns you and Twilight's head as the light purple dragon continues his waddle walk towards you both with a little piece of paper in his claw, "You got a letter from Shining and Cadence."

Twilight's horn sparks up as the letter floats from his grasp, "Oh? What's it say?" As the letter floats past you a slight twinge in your stomach comes up. You slowly poke your head a little next to Twilight's as you look over the letter.

End of chapter 5

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