• Published 11th Mar 2012
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The Gates of Tartarus - DivineGlory

Cerberus abandoned Tartarus for too long, and now Twilight needs to save Equestria

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Cerberus' Mistake

"I'll just bring Cerberus back to Tartarus and then no disaster will happen," Twilight yelled back to her friends as she held the ball in front of the giant black dog and ran towards the edge of Equestria. They stopped just outside of Ponyville as Twilight's horn glowed and both her and Cerberus appeared at two large brass gates. "Ah, Tartarus. Just where I remember it was. Now, stay boy," she said to Cerberus, "I just need to make sure everypony is in order and then I can go back to Ponyville and get back to my scheduling!"

The gates opened in front of her as she walked towards them, and the darkness of Tartarus surrounded her. She walked slowly forward, only the light of her horn showing the way. "Okay, now Celestia had told me that the previous ruler, Sisyphus would be down here first." Twilight walked along Cerberus until she came across a large mountain. "This is where he should be," she said to herself looking around for the alicorn who was punished to push a large boulder up a mountain for eternity. "Umm Sisyphus? Are you there?"

Twilight's legs started to shake, and her mane swayed back and forth. She looked up the mountain as a boulder started to roll down towards her. Screaming, her horn glowed and she teleported out of the way as the boulder smashed into a wall. Following the boulder was a silver alicorn, his wings flopping lazily to his sides. Twilight smiled and brought a list in which she checked off the first box. Disregarded the small pleas of help Sisyphus made as he tried to push the boulder again, Twilight moved into the next corridor.

The next corridor opened Twilight up into a beautiful orchard. A small earth pony stood still in a pool of water, right next to a beautiful apple tree. Twilight watched as the earth pony tried to reach the ever receding apples from the tree, and drink from the pool which always seemed to empty. Her horn glowed and she checked another box off before walking into the next corridor. "Glad to see everything's in check so far," she said to herself again.

Twilight's eyes closed against a glaring light from the next room. She frowned and took out her list, protecting it in magic to stop the heat from catching it a flame. "So this must be Ixion," she said, trying to see through the wheel of flame in front of her. Her horn glowed and she created some magic sunglasses which allowed her to see through the blinding light and gasped. "He's not here," she yelled, running towards the wheel before needing to turn around. "This is NOT happening!"

Twilight ran to the next corridor, fearing the worst. She checked her list again and saw that the Danaides should be in the next room, carrying water from one pool to another but never being able to complete it. As she moved into the room, she noticed the deserted jugs on the ground and no ponies around. "Oh no. Oh no," she repeated to herself, turning around and rushing towards the gate. Since she was hurrying, she was unable to notice that the first two rooms were empty as well. Twilight moved towards the large open gate, shouting for Cerberus to close it behind her. She got out just as the large dog locked the gate behind her. "Oh Celestia, this is bad!"

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