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The Hidden Library - Deathstrike666

Twilight plus a book that can lead her to infinite knowledge and power. This isn't going to end well.

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The Realm of Change

The Hidden Library
By Deathstrike666
Chapter 2 – The Realm of Change
To all non Warhammer 40k players that are reading this - I will put at the bottom of every chapter a little description/pic of the main Warhammer 40k things that are in each chapter so you people don't get confused with some of the things that I am mentioning. I hope that this helps you people.

”Tzeentch is not content to merely observe the fulfilment and disappointment brought by the passage of time. He has his own plans - schemes that are so complex and closely woven that they touch the lives of every living thing, whether they realise it or not. The chaos god’s masterly comprehension of time, history and intrigue allows his ploys to intertwine seamlessly, forming a web of causality that spans the stars”

-Codex: Chaos Daemons, 6th Edition

A nightmarish land greeted Twilight’s arrival. The sky was half on fire while the other half was a mix of every colour in existence and rivers of pure magic were weaving through all the sky. The ground was a desolate wasteland, littered with hundreds and thousands of individual crystals, each a different size, shape and colour from the last.

The geography never stood still for more than a few minutes, it was ever changing. Crystal mountains would move at their own accord, disappear entirely or appear out of nowhere. It was like the land was at a constant eternal war with itself.

The wind was as chaotic as the land was; it would change direction as constantly and randomly as the land itself. Sometimes it would just stop entirely or turn into a full force hurricane without a moments warning.

“What is this place?” wondered Twilight while gazing out onto the shifting land, “It’s like Discord but a thousand times worse!”

The black book floated to the front of Twilight’s face before opening to a random page to begin writing.

This is the realm of magic, nightmares and chaos. Each civilisation has a different name for this place but it is most commonly known as the Immaterium or the Warp. The Immaterium doesn’t exist within the real universe or any universes beyond. It exists just outside the universes in its own pocket of reality

Twilight took a moment to ponder on what the book had just wrote. There are other universes, worlds and civilizations other than Equestria. If I can find a way of reaching them, then there would be so much to learn about them, their way of life, their technology and so much more. This thought of knowledge of other worlds put a huge grin on Twilight’s face. Maybe this book can lead me to infinite knowledge.

“So where is this ‘Hidden Library’?” asked Twilight.


Twilight face hoofed at the answer, “Of course it is hidden. If it wasn’t hidden then why would it be called the ‘Hidden’ Library. Now can you please show me where it is?”

Look that way

Underneath the writing was an arrow pointing to the book’s top-left corner. Looking in that direction, Twilight spotted what looked to be like some sort of castle appear out of nothing in the far distance but it was far away for her to tell exactly what it was. “What is it?” she asked.

It is the fortress that holds the Hidden Library. We must be quick, for as it will vanish within hours

“Well I better get going then” Twilight said before starting to walk in the direction of the structure and keeping an eye on the surrounding landscape just in case that it would suddenly change around her.

It wasn’t long before Twilight began paying too much attention on the changing landscape around her and not much on what was in front of her hooves. She stepped on a loose roundish crystal that sent her crashing down on her flank. She slowly got off the ground and gave a quick gentle rub to her sore flank before inspecting the offending trip hazard.

The crystal was the size of her hoof and an almost rugged egg shape. It had a dull maroon colour to it and no shine whatsoever.

“Is something in there?” she asked herself before taking a closer look at the crystal.

Upon closer inspection Twilight could make out a figure of a bipedal creature. It was wearing green and cream coloured clothing which Twilight believed to be some sort of armour. The figure seemed to be kneeling on some invisible ground with both hands firmly placed on the sides on its head. It looked like the figure was screaming but Twilight couldn’t hear anything.

“Who is that? Why are they trapped in this crystal?” asked Twilight the book.

The crystal holds a soul of the damned, one of those who sold their soul for wealth and power. Upon death their souls are sent here to be trapped for an eternity. Upon being trapped in a crystal it is only a matter of time before the individual goes insane. Each crystal you can see holds a different soul and the larger the crystal, the more important the individual.

“Wait...WHAT?!” asked a stunned Twilight “Who in their right mind would sell their own soul just for wealth and power?”

In a universe that has been in an eternal war for that pass millenia, anyone would do anything just to survive. Now you must get going, the fortress will vanish in a couple of hours

With that said Twilight continued on her journey through the Immaterium with the book floating just behind her.

“Why aren’t I getting any closer to that structure?” asked Twilight while kicking one of the numerous crystals in front of her, “I have been walking for at least two hours now and it doesn’t look like it has moved any closer”

The ground beneath Twilight began the violently move. Before she could react a massive column of crystal shot up into the sky, with her desperately clinging to the top of it. She was screaming the whole time and badly wanted the column to stop moving.

Once the column finally stop its ascent, it took Twilight a few minutes for her to regain her breath and for her heart beat to stop racing. Looking out at the chaotic realm, Twilight had a clear view of the structure but it was still too far away for her to make out any of the details.

“I wonder if I could teleport that far?” she asked herself before she began to slowly charge up her horn.

Closing her eyes, Twilight put as much effort and concentration as she could muster into this one teleportation spell. As the charge building up in her horn grew larger and larger, small bolts of lightning began arcing out of the crystals in the ground and into her horn.

Twilight couldn’t take the strain of all the magic that was building up in her horn, she started to scream. She tried to stop the spell or release the magical build up early but something was stopping her, something that forced more and more magical energy into her body.

Twilight soon lost control over the teleportation spell, it was rapidly absorbing all the magical energy around her. The magical build up was getting so large that it started creating large cracks in Twilight’s horn.

Just as Twilight thought that her body would explode from all the magical energy, the teleportation spell finally released with a gigantic explosion. The magical detonation shattered the top half of the crystal column into millions of fragments while the lower half split into nine equally sized shards.

And Twilight was gone...

“This, Twilight Sparkle, can absorb more Warp Energy than any of my Lords of Change ever could” said a godly voice to himself “She will become useful asset in my Grand Schemes”

The chaos god his head to one of the many Lords of Change that were folking around him in His library. “Xi’nath’ix, retrieve this lost soul before she is lost to the warp for eternity. Make sure to place her within the labyrinth and bring back my book. She has more trials ahead before she will my eternal puppet of change.”

Lord of Change - The most powerful kind of Daemon of Tzeentch. They are highly skilled in magic and are the leaders of Tzeentch's armies.

The guy in the crystal - He is known as an Imperial Guardsman which is what an average human soldier is called in the 41st millennium.

Author's Note:

I have decided to put some Tzeentch quotes/paragraphs at the start of every chapter. I hope you like them.
I am going to have so much fun writing the next chapter. Twilight wondering through the Crystal Labyrinth, so many chaotic plans for her. 'Evil laugh'
I am planning to have the next chapter be the longest in the story as well