• Published 28th Jan 2014
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A Nightmare of a night - Ethereal Trixster

What if neither sister won on that faithful night against each other. The elements choosing a younger alicorn to wield them, and end the fight. Now skip ahead a thousand years and our story begins, with a mare by the of Moondancer.

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A humble request

"A thousand years ago, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land, to do this; the eldest used her powers to raise the sun at dawn; while the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all different types of ponies, but as time went on, the younger sister became resentful.

The ponies relished and played in the day, while her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night.

One fateful day, the younger alicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. However, the elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon.
On that faithful night where Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia came to blows, there was another alicorn present, watching everything unfold in secret.

The battle was fierce and left neither pony unscathed; between the two sisters, Luna's trickery and manipulation of magic hindered by Celesta's quick wit and power; and Celestia's power always out of reach; neither were strong enough to gain a foothold in the battle between sisters, resulting in a stalemate.

The stalemate lasted longer than each sister expected or wanted it to, so they resorted to using the elements of Harmony against each other, only for it to fail against one another, and with each attempt the elements would lash out against their wielders, as the stalemate grew longer and longer the more desperate each one became; forgetting the castle around them as they blasted spell after spell, the walls shattering apart as fireballs and tendrils of Ethereal magic crashed into the concrete walls. The attempts to harness the mystical and magical energy, bore nothing as they now relied solely on the elements of harmony abandoning any notion of sisterly love or respect for one another, that brought harmony to Equestria; with that last inkling gone, the elements abandoned both finding a temporary replacement in Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Both sisters looked at each other in silence, while they tried to rationalize what had just happened in their battle; wishing the other was nothing, but a smudge on the ground in the resulting aftermath. It was only a matter of moments before both sisters realized that neither of them was the wielder of harmony; hence the search for their former possessions, ending as swiftly as it began.

The two finding Princess Cadenza hiding behind a broken pillar covered in a spectrum colored aura. She watched on as the castle she called her home for twenty years, destroyed by her loving aunts..

Both of them felt the energy emanating off of her, but the most important thing both sisters felt, was the unbridled fear and confusion that could be seen a mile away.

Celestia and Luna pleaded with her to help them defeat the other, throwing callous remarks at each other and desperately trying to convince her; forced with the decision to choose between both aunts, the elements took Princess Cadenza's waning indecisiveness as a sign of what to do, sealing both sisters into their respective Celestial bodies; leaving a Princess no older than two hundred years-old to rule Equestria. The Elements of Harmony abandoned her as soon after locking both princess' away, turning into stone and perplexing the fair alicorn even more than her; obtaining the elements.

Therefore, Princess Cadenza took up the crown and ruled Equestria, returning harmony to the land once more."

Twilight stopped the retelling of Equestria's history, looking on to find looked on at the drooling frame of Princess Cadenza, How long had she admired her when she was taken under the princess' wing for an apprenticeship?

The years strengthened her admiration for the princess, only since she took her job at Canterlot's Magical Library, did Twilight understand a little more of how much Princess Cadenza went through to run Equestria it was truly inspiring. Then looking to her left only rose her irritation as another mare stood idly next to her idol without a concern in Equestria, her name was Moondancer.

Moondancer, was a mare that still held a notable standing in Canterlot's social hierarchy; despite her lack of actual occupation, her parties still attended by noble families, but the most notable feature Twilight found about her, was her foal-sitter was none other than Princess Cadenza. The only thing notable the mare could think of that would give her reason to be here was the mare's upcoming birthday or Cadenza needing her for something involving a choreographed dance, but even none of that was happening here or Twilight wasn't aware of it yet.

'So, why is she here then? No, it doesn't matter the fate of Equestria hangs in the balance, and I can't be sidetracked by some unicorn's presence.' Suddenly, Twilight's attention snapped back to the snoring frame of her former teacher. "Uh, Princess, are you okay?"

"Umm, what was the question?" Cadenza's eyes opened slightly, her eyes half-open falling on her former apprentice and the book floating in mid-air in front of her. Twilight Sparkle was a very studious mare when it came to magic, and that made things even easier; as placing her as an assistant to the head of the Magical archive, and she had yet to be disappointed about that decision, yet when it came to matters that were at least three hundred years old she came to her first. Despite how knowledgeable her actual master was, apparently her ten years of tutoring had left a bigger imprint than she had originally expected, compared to her previous one; two years prior.

"I was asking if you're okay, you fell asleep while I was telling you something important." Twilight's tone rose a tad, hoping to convey the urgency her newest finding she had come across. "Equestria is in danger." Her declaration clearing up any grogginess in the princess' eyes; Twilight now had her full attention.and she wasn't going to squander it. "According to Star Swirl, the Bearded's prophecy on the thousandth year that the two sister's were banished would return to finish the battle they once started and seek vengeance on the one who wrongfully punished them." Her voice croaked out, as both mares looked on in what Twilight assumed in terror. "So, Princess, I implore you to retrieve the elements of Harmony and banish Nightmare moon and Princess Celestia, back to the moon/sun."

Cadenza looked towards her two subjects; panic written on her former student's face and confusion on the other. "Twilight, I assure you that I have everything under control and my Aunts will not come back, nor seek vengeance on Equestria; as long as I'm wearing this crown. Now will you, please allow Moondancer and I some time to talk?"

Her hoof rose, to silence anything that was about to erupt from her former student's mouth. "So, I'd like for you to stop this silly notion of tomorrow being the end of Equestria. Star Swirl, the Bearded was a gifted unicorn even surpassing me in the field of magic and understanding it, but he also thought lemons talked to him and that Sea ponies are the key to Tartarus during the time he wrote that book. So, don't take any of his prophecies to heart. Now go back to the library and work on something else, please." Her voice held no quarter as the lavender mare retreated swiftly in fear of being reprimanded again; leaving the two alone.

Cadenza gazed at her guest, a luxurious white coat treated with most likely top of the line products from another country, her mane; a splendid mulberry purple broad streak of color accentuated the scarlet red mane that wrapped around her left front shoulder, with the occasional wisp of strand stood out atop her coat; her periwinkle eyes once full of boredom, now glimmered with anxiousness, and finally a burgundy crescent moon with five burgundy colored stars surrounding the moon.

She couldn't be any happier with how Moondancer lived currently in Canterlot, the once shy filly that refused to do leave the ballroom during her foal-sittings, she was once the go-to mare for anything related to dance in Canterlot, and if she made a suggestion a year back her peers and elders genuinely considered it adding anything to help with the performance.

That was a year ago and now, everything Moondancer had built on her name seemed a distant relic; never telling anypony why she stopped. Cadenza honestly wished for the filly she used to foal sit to move to the rhythm of a musical beat, but this was her own problem and she wasn't going press the subject.

Though, she would admit when she stared into those bright glimmering periwinkle eyes two years ago, she saw the happiness fill every crevice possible. Now, she saw cheer in them, but a lack of fulfillment and loneliness easily accompanied it.

"I'm sorry Princess Cadenza but can you make this quick? I still have to plan my party for today. The sweet shop closes soon, and I still haven't picked up my order." Her tone one of a rush, her mind finalizing the last minute party plans for tonight; she still hadn't begun yet, but the preparations, would only take the smallest inkling of time to do nevertheless, the presentation was vital.

Cadenza could only hold back a chuckle at the mare's hooves motioning for her to hurry, she'd only seen her this antsy when she was about to perform. "Always In a hurry, I see? Hopefully this will lessen your pace Moondancer; I need your assistance requiring tomorrow's celebration in ponyville." Princess Cadenza's left hoof rose stopping any form of coherence from her mouth. "I know your birthday party is being held today, since yours is on the day of my coronation and you'd actually want to have a celebration then be overshadowed; so, I'm willing to arrange to have your party the day after and have it at a location chosen by you. Also, to cover any finance that comes with it." She watched as Moondancer puckered her lips, no doubt measuring the pros and cons of the situation handed to her.

Cadenza watched the mare's hooves begin to buckle with what she hoped to be excitement.

"Anywhere I choose, right? Say, if I wanted to hold it in the ballroom here in Canterlot castle, you'd make it happen and cover the charges with no strings attached?" Her voice kept at a reasonable tone, compared to how badly she wanted a change of scenery than her current residence, which she still owed on.

"If you want to have something as grand as the Gala here, by all means go ahead, but that's only if you head down to Ponyville today. Make sure that every arrangement is in order and you are in attendance during my arrival. Anything that happens after that, is entirely up to you."

"Then it, would be my great honor Princess Cadenza to plan the celebration; of your coronation in Ponyville, You can count that this celebration will be something you'll never forget for the next thousand years." Moondancer hooves gave out as her declaration finished,eliciting a giggle form the two.

Princess Cadenza pulled out a manila folder that was placed under her wing; curiosity slowly building in the unicorn as the princess hovered it in front of her. "Now, please listen; the pictures of the ponies inside this folder are who you have to meet and the task written under each mare's photo is what they were assigned to do. I have one last request I'd like to make before you go, Moondancer..." The alicorn's mind slowly drifted back to Twilight's vehement insistence on using the elements of harmony to stop her aunts again, if it came down to that."I would like you to make at least one friend in Ponyville during your visit."

Her thoughts tossed in turmoil as the idea of having a friend from such a town would cause such a blemish on her standings in Canterlot; Window Washer was a prime example of the thin line she could tread on, he was raised in ponyville and seemed genuinely like a nice pony, but his lack of etiquette and grooming made him the butt of many jokes during social gatherings. Making a friend like Window Washer was social suicide here, and the mare knew even attempting something as making a new friend would have to be done delicately. "D-Do I have to? I mean, making a friend won't help me get the task done any faster, r-right?"

Cadenza blinked in confusion at the sudden change in demeanor. 'Is it that hard getting to know someone new?' "It's not necessary, but I'm sure if you made at least one, then everything would go much smoother for you."

Moondancer swallowed any bile that had risen to the back of her throat, as she mentally prepared herself to accept any blow-back she would receive from her association. "I'll do my best to make a friend Princess, but I don't promise anything."

Cadenza nodded in acceptance, knowing this was the only thing she could do to help push the mare into leading a more sociable life than just the upper crust of Canterlot. "Now, to finish what I was saying, you are already aware of the folder's contents. Well, there is a Pegasus drawn carriage waiting for you outside in the garden and I assigned a friend of mine to assist you for the time being, in case you are in need of contacting me." Her voice lulled the mare's unease as she gave Cadenza one last nod before taking the manila folder in her own aquamarine aura, and galloped off towards the royal garden.

Her eyes shifted around the now empty room, stopping on a particular window, still hoping that her former aunts' pet would fly in with good news from Sunset. She gazed longingly out the window beckoning for the messenger to come; only to now catch a glimpse of the sun. It was a moment of brief silence, as she stared at it; contemplating her mentor's words and students warnings.

Star Swirl was adamant on both of them returning one day, she just paid it no mind instead focusing on ruling her nation while learning the ins and outs of magic. 'If they appear tomorrow, I'll be there, but if something happens; I'll be sure to protect my ponies first and foremost.' Tomorrow was going to be a long day, and waiting on an already late message wasn't doing the alicorn any favors either.

Author's Note:

Okay so here's the first chapter of what hopefully will be a successful series involving a new universe revolving Princess Cadence or referred to here as Princess Cadenza, there will be subtler changes her and if anybody has any question please feel free to ask as I'm open to talk about this.

A big shout-out to SkyeHeart here on FIM on helping me flesh out the idea of a new universe and the character concept of each one of them, and Pandemonium on Otaku Network for helping me by proofreading this story.