• Published 23rd Jun 2013
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Lost Wing, Lost Identity - Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

What do you do when the attribute you use to define yourself is no more?

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Last Look at a Home

Rainbow Dash gripped onto the ski of the Pinkie-copter, holding as tightly as she could. She would either look up above her, back around to Pinkie piloting the device, or straight ahead; basically anywhere but down.

It was a very new experience to the pegasus. All her life she had flown, and loved it. Now she was afraid of heights. That was the big difference now though; Dash had flown. She was able to fly through the air under her own power. Now she could not do that. If she fell, there was nothing she could do to save herself. At best, she could flap her wing and create a pretty rainbow spiral before crashing into the ground.

After a while longer, Dash did not know how long, the house made of clouds came into view. The pegasus gave a smile as she caught sight of her home. A smile which quickly faded at the thought of possibly not seeing it again.

"Are you sure you want to do this Dashie?" Pinkie Pie asked. She panted as she pedaled hard, working the the gears that controlled the propeller using hoof-power. Working the Pinkie-copter seemed to be the only thing that caused the pony to show any signs of exertion. Rainbow Dash sometimes wondered if the pink pony ever actually slept, or just jumped on the bed all night.

"I'm sure," Dash said, glimpsing back at her friend. "I can't get up and down anymore. A cloud house should be used and enjoyed by a pegasus that can actually fly. I'm going to miss the place, but I'll be fine. Really." She turned back toward the house, watching as it got closer.

The copter had been modified magically since the last time it had been repaired. One of the changes was that Pinkie could now land her contraption on a cloud. It was one that she now used, setting down on the equivalent of the front lawn. As soon as she landed, Pinkie Pie hopped off the Pinkie-copter, using the cloud-walking spell cast on her to bounce up toward the front door.

Rainbow Dash stood up and climbed off. She walked up as well, watching her friend. It seemed like the pink pony had recovered from being worn out as soon as they landed. Reaching the front door where her friend waited, Dash pushed it open and went inside.

The place really was larger than one pony alone would need. The entire place would be better suited more for an entire family than a single mare. It was more a tower than anything, standing about three stories in height. It was also a bit messy. Nothing was actually dirty, but there were things all over the place that could be picked up.

"Rainbow Dash," a voice shouted from outside, "Pinkie Pie, we're here. We also have the boxes." At the sound, the two turned around to look back outside. Twilight Sparkle, as well as Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack, moved to climb out of the hot air balloon floating against the edge of Dash's home. Twilight and Rarity's horns glowed as they levitated several empty cardboard boxes. Fluttershy lifted one in her mouth to carry with her, and Applejack had four stacked on her back.

Rainbow Dash smiled at the sight of her other friends. Stepping outside she moved past them and down to the balloon to grab a box as well. Somehow, Pinkie Pie was already there, climbing out with one box covering her head and another her tail. She bounced past Dash and into the house again, the boxes not even seeming to shake with the motion. The blue pegasus continued to grab two boxes and carry them inside to join the others.

"Well I've never really packed up a house before," she told them, "so I'm not really sure where to start. I guess just start by working where ever you want." Picking her boxes back up, she started up the stairs. The other five looked at each other a moment, then started to spread out and begin packing where they could.

For her part, Rainbow Dash went to her room. Stopping at the door, she looked around for a moment. There were not a lot of memories in this room, but the most important things were here as well. She mostly just slept in here (or anywhere in the house she felt like actually), but it was also where she kept the most important things she had collected from her life and adventures.

Looking around at everything, she started to make decisions on what to do with what. First she set aside two things to take with her when she left; her guitar and a framed photo. She then began to pack. With one box, she started by placing a pillow in the bottom of it. Next she put in some things which were fragile. The pegasus continued to pack that way, alternating between her bedding and items that were delicate.

Next she began to pack the Wonderbolts memorabilia. Dash decided to include the dress she wore to the Gala since she had been wearing it the first time she met Spitfire and Soarin. It had been so exciting to meet Wonderbolts, even if she did end up embarrassing herself by trying to show off and get their notice.

Rainbow Dash stopped a moment as she pulled out her uniform from her time with the Wonderbolt Academy. That had made her stop for a moment. It made her feel a strange mix of joy and sadness. It had been fun training and she was quite proud when she when she had made it as a commander, if also a little guilty that Lightning Dust got in trouble for being reckless. The pride and triumph of that moment made the memory of not being able to become a Wonderbolt now all the sharper, an emotional scar that was torn open once more.

"Rainbow Dash?" Twilight Sparkle called from the door, "We thought you'd be down for more boxes by now. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine." Dash put the uniform into the box. "Just getting caught up in memories and dreams. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do now." Twilight moved closer, giving a nuzzle on the cheek.

"You'll find a way." The purple pony turned toward the guitar. "You are not playing that in the library though."

"Not even one power cord?" Dash asked, chuckling with a little grin. Twilight rolled her eyes at the joke, then stopped as she saw the picture.

"Are those your parents?" Twilight asked, pointing at the framed image.

"Yeah. Dad worked at the factory to make rainbows and mom was on the weather team."

"You never seem to talk about them. Are they..." Twilight stopped a moment, trying to think of how to phrase the question.

"Dead?" Rainbow Dash gave a shake of her head. "No. We kind of drifted apart when I got older. Anyway, they're retired now. Traveling. Sometimes I get a postcard from them. Makes it kind of hard to send them a message though."

"Oh." Using her magic, Twilight lifted the picture and brought it closer. "You look a lot like your dad."

"What can I say? Being this awesome must run in the family." The pegasus grinned as her friend rolled her eyes.

"I'll take this down stairs," Twilight said as she set down the picture and picked up the box with bedding. "I'll let the others know you're okay, but if don't take too much longer with that one, okay?"

"Okay." Dash watched her friend go, letting her gaze drift to Twilight's rump to watch it shake. Once Twilight was out of sight, Dash continued to pack her Wonderbolts collection. She packed each piece as carefully as she could, the last being the autographed poster that had been on her wall for years. She set it on top, making sure not to fold it too much so it would avoid getting creased. Finished, she carried it downstairs.

The others were still working, putting as much as they could into the boxes. It actually seemed to be going quicker than expected. At the rate everypony else seemed to be going, The house would be packed before the end of the day. That would mean that Dash would only have to come back the day the movers came to collect everything and put it in storage. Once that was done, the cloud house would be put up for sale. Hopefully it would sell quickly so Dash could use the money from it to purchase a new home in Ponyville.

The six of them managed to get the entire house packed up and ready to leave before it got dark. It was a bit of a relief when it was all done. All of them sat in the living room, facing each other. Rainbow Dash shifted, looking around.

"It looks... different," she said. "With everything packed up and ready to go, it kind of doesn't feel like my home anymore. Seems so... big... and empty..."

"Would you care to be alone, darling?" Rarity asked.

"No," Dash replied with a shake of her head, "I think we should get going though. Let me just grab some things that I left upstairs." Getting off the couch she went upstairs to grab her parent's photo and her guitar. As she came back down, the others were already standing and waiting for her by the door. The six of them left, walking down the front toward the hot air balloon and Pinkie-copter.

Halfway down, Rainbow Dash stopped and turned around. She stood there, staring up at the tower that had been her home. She was going to miss it. After all it had been the first place she lived in that was just hers. The pegasus had planned on being there the rest of her life. She even dreamed it would become a museum to her after she joined The Wonderbolts. Giving a single sniff, she turned away and headed back to the Pinkie-copter. As soon as she was on, Pinkie started pedaling and they were off.