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Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 5 · 2:35pm August 3rd

After tea and snacks have been handed out to everyone...

Twilight: "... You're telling me that the princesses deliberately faked their kidnapping and banishment and you going evil?!"

Shepherd: "You sound like me when they told me the plan."

Twilight: "All of this just so they could have a vacation?!"

Shepherd: "Now before you twilight out, Twilight, hear me out."

Twilight: "You made me into a verb?!"

Pinkie: "Ooh! It can also be an adverb! Neato!"

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Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd · 2:25am July 29th

Andrew Shepherd, the only human in Equestria, and a Knight of said kingdom, had been invited to tea with the Princesses of Equestria to help them with a private project. Shepherd is a bit surprised as to what they're asking him to help them with.

Shepherd: "Let me get this straight: You want me... To pretend to be an evil villain."

Celestia: *nods* "That's right."

Shepherd: "Take over Canterlot."

Celestia: "Mmhm."

Shepherd: "Banish you two."

Luna: "Quite."

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Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 3 · 4:25am August 1st

The Elements of Harmony meet in the Golden Oaks Library-Or, as Dash was calling it "Super Awesome Resistance Headquarters."

Twilight: "All right. Shepherd invited us to see him in the palace. This can only mean one thing!"

Applejack: "A trap!"

Pinkie: "Snacks!"

Spike: "Trap snacks!"

Twilight: "Yes! It has to be a trap!"

Fluttershy: "Um, so... We don't go?"

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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