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Prepartions Complete · 12:18am Jun 12th, 2016

Just today, I finished proofreading Chapter 13, the final chapter of Volume 1 of The Lost Element. The first volume is ready for printing. I'll be looking into where and how to get it printed soon and will keep everyone updated. Any and all advice on how to go about it for a first-timer will be appreciated.

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2019 Black Friday Sale -- Use Code BLACKFRIDAY25 to Save 25% Off Your Entire Purchase! · 6:58pm Nov 29th, 2019

Let's see if I end up getting reported as an adbot.

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2019 Cyber Monday Sale -- Use Code CYBERMONDAY30 to Save 30% Off Your Entire Purchase! · 3:41pm Dec 2nd, 2019

So yeah. Mistakes were made. I can't personally verify this code since I already made my purchases on Friday, but if you missed out on that, there's a better deal out there for today. Again, you can go to for a list of books to buy.

Osto Vinya nauva ustaina!

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results