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Prepartions Complete · 12:18am Jun 12th, 2016

Just today, I finished proofreading Chapter 13, the final chapter of Volume 1 of The Lost Element. The first volume is ready for printing. I'll be looking into where and how to get it printed soon and will keep everyone updated. Any and all advice on how to go about it for a first-timer will be appreciated.

Report Humanity · 454 views · Story: The Lost Element · #fanfic printing
Comments ( 8 )

I would simply use LuLu and print out a single copy to see how it goes, then show us all with pictures. It might get others interested.

Lulu is good and probably the cheapest, but quality is spotty.

Comment posted by JustSomeRandomUsername deleted Nov 23rd, 2016

4016505 Are there places you recommend over it?

Looking forward to owning a copy!



Not really. For such a small print job, Lulu is the most feasible that I am aware of. It really depends on what settings/options you choose from Lulu. Some are good, others are questionable. I could suggest contacting Anzel, as he recently did a print that had great quality.

You could also reach out to this group on facebook. They are active and have a bit of experience.

Best of luck!

https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Ether+Echoes he just did a really good printing for his book I recommend talking to him as he may know from experience what works and doesn't


I wouldnt know as much, but The Celestia Code recently went that particular route

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