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Blood Moon Tonight! · 9:45pm May 15th, 2022

There is a total lunar eclipse tonight. If you are in the western hemisphere, you will be able to see it.

Have a cute Luna image to celebrate!

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So, um, yeah · 4:05am Jun 4th, 2020

Yeaaaaaaah… I know I blog posted like six hours ago, but, um, I just learned that in two days I'll be camping for four days, so... Updates on stories will sadly be delayed by several days :fluttercry:. Bright side, I won't get Covid while I'm out there, so delay isn't by two weeks! :twilightsheepish:


New Patreon! · 5:25pm Jul 3rd, 2017

Hey everypony,

I just set up a patreon. Check it out!


A Long Awaited Update · 8:34am Feb 1st, 2016

Hello guys, it's certainly been a while since you've seen anything from me and for that I sincerely apologize.

I've been busy with college, translating, and other things. Admittedly, I've been playing a lot of a certain game in the last week or two when I just want to relax and I blame GTX. xD But in all seriousness, I can't blame him. I should be replacing that gaming time with "serious art time" or "serious writing time."

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Christmas Bundle of 2022 Day 3 · 8:50pm Dec 23rd, 2022

Good day Everyone!

We have one more day till Christmas, meaning we have two more books after this one. If you have no idea what this it, it's a bundle of books I publish leading up to Christmas. I call it the Christmas Bundle. I even made a bookshelf you can check out the books that are included in the bundle.

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It is done..... MythrilMoth is archived. · 1:20am May 15th, 2019

I am finished with archiving everything from MythrilMoth. I went over five different web presences and archived content by him in the WaybackMachine. It was an insane amount of work and I'm just tired now, in total, it took 47 hours and 12 minutes to archive it all. But it was necessary, because Zef implied a possibility that his accounts could get deleted, either by his wish or by demand from his family.

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