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Swift Ebony

UC student studying economics and currently in Japan. I am an amateur writer, doing this as a sort of hobby. I also enjoy boxing and watching cartoons.

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A Long Awaited Update · 8:34am Feb 1st, 2016

Hello guys, it's certainly been a while since you've seen anything from me and for that I sincerely apologize.

I've been busy with college, translating, and other things. Admittedly, I've been playing a lot of a certain game in the last week or two when I just want to relax and I blame GTX. xD But in all seriousness, I can't blame him. I should be replacing that gaming time with "serious art time" or "serious writing time."

That said, I have been doing some art, but they are usually pencil sketches on notebook paper unfortunately. In honor of Rainbow Dash's birthday, however, I'll be making a serious drawing of her soon! So for those who follow my art, look forward to that!

As for writing, I've been writing a lot of things for school :( I am taking an upper division writing course this semester and a lot of my creative writing juices have been used up writing up a research paper. It's good practice for grad school and my academic writing in general, but it's not exactly fun aha Still, I have been making an effort to get another chapter out for Blood Moon Rising so be on the look out for that as well.

I've also been active with translating things and maintaining my Japanese as best as I can. I am involved with Friendship is Epic and have been helping them translate various from Japanese to English, and in addition to that I've been translating various songs for people. More recently, I've been working with Haru to translate a particularly special song.

Also, if you guys have the chance, check out this fic I translated not too long ago originally written by Sasho-san =)

So that's the generally what I have been up to lately. I could go into more detail, but I don't think it is that necessary. I just want to let you guys know that I am still alive and still serious about producing things! I know I am not the only person whose art/writing is negatively affected by college so I can take some comfort in that and not feel as guilty aha

Until next time guys! :ajsmug:

PS Check out my Twitter if you're into that kind of thing - Otonashikun269

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