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The Psychopath
Group Admin

The World of Illogic's first RP is open for business!
Please keep in mind that some characters seem strange in their descriptions. This is the World of Illogic, thus, all universes cross eachother, which is why there are so many bizarreties and some characters might have descriptions that estrange you.
(You can find the rules here, where the watermelons are following rule Morgan Freeman and where the orange juice is dying because it drank itself.)

Scenario: The Psychopath has grabbed everybody and thrown them atop the Dissirvian mountains near the border of Equestria, and close to the griffin kingdom. The mountains are extremely high, and snow is more than abundant. Now everypony is in the village of Whitepine located in the White Woods.

User: Character name: Gender: Race: Age: Extra Relationship:
(The list goes like that. Relationship is placed at the end of two or more characters of a user)

The Psychopath:

The Psychopath Male Earth Pony Twenty years older than Celestia
He is a herald of the World of Illogic

Charm Caster Female Earth Pony N/A
She is always seen carrying a purple spell book with the infinity symbol covering its borders in navy blue.
Charm Caster is pink with a black mane and covers herself in a purple cloak.

Lapis Lazuli Male Earth Pony
Lapis Lazuli is midnight blue with white spots all over his body like stars and a short purple mane and tail. He usually carries around magic gemstones.
Relationship: Research/testing partners.

Games Master Female Pegasus
She is a mischievous and fun loving character with a talent for planning games. She also has a chess board that allows her to use magic.

Festivities Female Pegasus
Games Masters twin who loves mischief and fun as much as her sister, if not more. She has a magic black die that allows her to cast all forms of spells.
Games Master and Festivities are emerald green with pine green mane and tails. GM's mane is like a lizards frill while Festivities is tattered and unkempt. Their legs are decorated in bracelets with gemstones fixed to them.
Relationship: N/A (I'm not writing it for you Samaru. You know better than I do about them, plus, I'm lazy.:trollestia:)

The Shadow Pony N/A Unknown, but pony shaped N/A
Relationships: Is the anomaly of the World of Darkness
A being of shadows and darkness, the Shadow Pony resembles a cloak that appears full even though there is nothing inside of it. Under its hood is nothing but darkness and a grinning white smile. Since it is a being of darkness it can control shadows and dark. Light will only hurt it depending on its strength.

Rai(Raijin) Male Lightning phoenix N/A
Being a lightning phoenix, he speaks through telepathy and can read minds.Rai is white with blue tips and blue, electricity like, zig zags going across his body.

Rhoda Female Pegacorn N/A
Rhoda looks like Luna except with a light pink coat and a lightish-dark pink mane
Relationship: Lovers before an accident turned Rai into a lightning phoenix

Expinos (Literally means smart) Male(?) Split Personality/Pony Unicorn Unknown Highly intelligent, represents logic and wisdom
Hobbies: Doing complex mathematical equations before bed and reading

Pearl Female(?) Split Personality/Pony Unicorn Unknown(Never ask a lady her age)
Sophisticated, noble, well mannered (Think Rarity but less fashion)
Hobbies: Collecting shiny object (They all like doing this) and grooming her(?)self

Mirror Image N/A Split Personality/Demon Pony/Pegasus N/A
Cruel, evil, sarcastic, egotistical, insane, sociopath, bats**t bonkers
Hobbies: Torturing foals and hearing the innocent scream. (The Psychopath will be having a word with you)

Flipside N/A Split Personality/Pony(?)/Unicorn N/A
Even more bats**t insane than the last one, crazy, coco, caca, loco in the coco, twitchy and as I said insane
Hobbies:Likes singing songs like 'I'm a little teapot' in front of upper class snobs just to see the looks on their faces

Azureous Male Pony/Pegasus 18
Small ego, prideful, can't resist a challenge, slightly less crazy then the others, Physically Impared
Hobbies:Going fast, manipulating clouds and trying not to let Mirror Image take over.


Cherry Pie Female Earth Pony Old enough(:ajbemused:)
Cherry has a dark red coat with a lighter red mane and a few darker streaks of, you guessed it, red. She's known for two things, her pies, and her saucy ways. She has a lusty personality and is often accompanied by any of her male friends.
Still single.

Ray Tess:

Frost Mask Male Unicorn/Demigod(The god thing is a limit, unless you're going for a deity of something) 20 (physically) 12 (mentally)
Blue unicorn with orange mane, Creeper (minecraft) face for cutie mark. Mainly uses Ice and Light magic.

AJ (Not to be confused with Applejack. It doesn't stand for anything.) Male Earth pony 27
Navy blue coat. extremely short white tail, his mane is never seen because he always wears his white baseball cap. No cutie mark.
Relationship with Frost mask: Best friends since Frost saved his life when he was 8, although Frost was (physically) 19 because he was travelling with the doctor at the time. AJ later met the doctor, and since He and Frost met again, they spend most of the time telling each other about their seperate experiences with the doctor. (Psycho's comment: This is acceptable because of the doctor. 'nuff said. Unless it's Batman, then nothing was said or thought against it.)

NotTheOneSought:Trixie reserved

Fire Brand Male 18
Traits: Helps everypony, even "enemies". He is slightly completely insane but is good at hiding it. Is also a narcoleptic insomniac
Hobbies: Facehooving, staring into nothingness, sighing, and sleeping.

Cooling Gaze Female 19
Hobbies: Warping Fire's reality, concentrates Fire's attacks.
Relationship:Fire Brand's companion. She helps Fire know when to calm down. She is also stuck within the body of a cat.

Dysfunctional calamity 5 years old(Physically and mentally 27)
Mane and tail are a translucent bluish-green Coat: shifting colors
Relationship: Works for D.E.F.E.N.D. (subject to change)


Wakefield Male Unicorn 14
Has a Celeste coat with white long hair and tail. He enjoys having "fun" with other ponies, but never children. Can summon black tentacle like appendages to serve him in numerous ways.

The Zack Attack:

Mason Morris Male Pegasus 16
He's bright baby blue with Long white Hair and Tail. He has a big body like celestia. He enjoys Play video games, and he has fire breath just like spike but he knows how to control it more


Slendermare(name sucseptible to change) Female Experimental unicorn Unknown
Has feelings for Psycho.(...)

ApplePie Lord:

Dolor (latin for pain) Male CynoGryphon (Idea from Cloud_Surfer) 36
Likes bouncing on giant bouncy balls despite his age.

CynpGryphons are wolf/gryphon hybrids. (wolves with wings)

Cobalt the alicorn:

Signis female pegacorn 22

Down Beat male pegacorn-zebra 22

Relationship: Married.

Volta male unicorn 39
Is obsessed with discrediting the alicorns of their own powers.


Agent Blaze(The Pyropath) Male Changeling(was once a unicorn) 27

Relationship: None.
Additional information can be found on the second page of RP characters.


Cybeast Burst (AKA Cyburst) Male Unicorn-Phoenix hybrid 20
Relationships: Unknown.
Having a father for a phoenix has rendered him immortal, but like any phoenix, he must "die" every year, at the same time, to be reborn.


Pyre(Real name: Candelle) Female Unicorn 22
Dark gray coat, similar to burnt wood. Her mane and tail are like fire: orange with streaks of yellow

Bludgeon(Master of Metallico) Male Earth Pony(definately not a giant robot. <.< >.>) N/A

Cheshire Cat Male(Known to take on female forms. *wink wink*) Earth pony N/A
All powerful being that delights in nonsense and mischief and has come to the pony realm to delight in such.


Lupo male A wolf whose soul was merged with a fire spirit 16
He has a red tattoo on his forehead. It is a 'magical bond' between him and the fire spirit. When he uses the fire spirits 'powers', (means summoning fire) he gets drunk.
He is intelligent, but he still has some of his former instincts.
Wear's a collar around his throat.
Is easily scared by thunder.
Often aggressive.

Lupa female A wolf whose soul was merged with a nature spirit. 17
She has a green tattoo on her forehead, that works like a magical bond between her and the nature spirit.
When she uses the nature spirits 'powers' (means summoning leaves and wood) she gets drunk.
Wears a collar around her throat.
Is easily scared by darkness.

Hydra: Has Starswirl the Bearded Reserved. Atchung! This is an alt verse Star. I'm still deciding on what to do.
(additional information for Starswirl)

Star Swirl (the bearded) Male Unicorn 63 years old
Average sized stallion with a limp. Pale beige fur and a white mane. Lost his tail and prefers to wear a long cloak and hat with bells. Covers the scars and believes it helps him cope with the mental wounds of his past

Was a magic scholar of the unicorn royals
Relationship: Single. Adoptive father of Golden Rod. Still has a place in his heart for the deceased Cloudy Skies. Apprentice of Arcane Wisdom.

Golden Rod Female Earth pony 16
Has freckles a similar pale gold coat as Fluttershy and a light brown mane and tail.
Caretaker of the young and old

Relationship: Single. Adopted daughter of Starswirl. Watches over Cadence, along with various fillies and colts of the Crystal Empire.

Arcane(Arcane Wisdom) Female Alicorn (Aspect of magic) Unknown
Mane and tail are a flowing jumble of runes, symbols, and spells. Her coat is indigo but changes to magenta when light is upon it. Is a blank flank.
Occupation: The aspect and element of magic

Relationship: Married to Loyal (Thick N' Thin. Called TNT for his short temper). Mother to Cadence.

Group Admin

*Charm Caster pokes her head out of the snow and looks around angrily*
What is this? This isn't my house. Lapis!
*comes out of the snow with her book on his head* Yes?
Where are we? And give me my book back!
How should I know, all I saw was a crazy pony with a cool hat pop up.

402138 *Slaps you "Both"*

Group Admin

402209 Ow! What was that for?!
*Lapis looks at you uncaring*

402218 For being totally "freaks" *Walks away*

Can we all stop fighting for five seconds so you all don't freeze to death?

Group Admin

402224>>402226 Freak am I?
I agree with the smart pony, lets not all die.

Hey don't group me with you all.... im not going to freeze to death

402231 that u are>>402233 Do you know who you talking to,The.zack.attack. The zacks Watching you


Okay mason your freaking me out... who is zack?

Group Admin

402233 *walks over to you* Hi, do you need help?

402238 Well, at least I don't go around slapping ponies for no reason!

402241 Mason And zack watches you,when you sleep,when your shower,Mason The best,Zack is perfection

Now take that tighty white butt and get out of my sight........cupcake:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Nah. Im good. Names Fire Burst. Et tu?

402241>>402238>>402231 We should huddle for warmth.

402252 Now thats disgusting

402255 Fine. You can't join the huddle. It'll just be us.


GAH! whered you come from?


anyways......Mason can't wait for rp

402257 What? Oh I've been here. Well, on the other side of that hill. I didn't know you all were here until I heard arguing.

Huddle? I'll keep things warm.

Group Admin

402252 Good idea. Charms, why don't we listen to the smart ponies?
*walks over to you*

402251 I'm Lapis Lazuli.

Okay hold the everything WHO ARE YOU ALL?

402262 Mmm. You have a soft coat. By the way, I'm Cherry Pie.

I mean I now know creepy zack/mason over there is a ..... and you lap but what about you *Stares at reddy*

Cool so we havezack/mason, cherry, lapiz and im fire and you *looks at pinky

Group Admin

402271>>402266 Nice to meet you.
And my name is Charm Caster. *holds her book closely*

402271>>402275 What? Was that even ponyish?

No see shes pink...with black... okay maybe pinky wasnt best description of you

402280 Nice to meet you both. Charm Caster, I really like your mane.

The Psychopath
Group Admin

402264 (The list is at the top. I put the names of the players in bold to help. Use your characters to ask who is who. That's the fun of it.:pinkiehappy:)

402259 (Then maybe Mason should check the list up there? Once a character is on the list, you can use them. I'm not imposing a flag that says WHEN you can use them).

It is a pleasure to meet you ms caster and others... and zack

402259out of character, where did the name mason go?


Rai: How did i get here?

Rhoda: Is this a game? :pinkiehappy:

402289But we hadnt been introduced.. do we just somehow know them?

Group Admin

402287>>402285 *looks at her mane in confusion* It's not that spectacular.
*Lapis rolls his eyes*

402294 Okay. Where did you both come from, and would you care to join our huddle?

402294GAH! theyre appearing out of thin air *Looks around* huh wonder where she is?

402298 It's nice though. Sorry, you seemed kinda shy, so I thought I'd say something nice.


Rai: well we just wander places and sch. No idea how we got here. Im Raijin, or just Rai

Rhoda: You touch him and ill skin you alive. It's nice to meet you im Rhoda!

The Psychopath
Group Admin

402295 (Like I said. Use your characters to introduce yourselves. That said, I'll open a general discussion so you can all get to know eachother better)


Who are you two and how did we get here?

402306 The huddle is to keep warm. And slightly for my own enjoyment.

Group Admin

402294 Oh, hello there.
What in Equestira is that thing?!

402293>>402303 Shy? ME! 8tries to stand up straight but falls in the snow, causing Lapis to smirk.*


402309 Rai: like i said before, Im Rai and i dont know how we got here

Rhoda: Is this a game? I like playing games!

402308I know thats what im trying to do!

402306nice to meet you two! *Introduces everybody again*


Rai: im a lightning phoenix

Rhoda: and im a peeeeegacooooooorn

The Psychopath
Group Admin

402323(Dah I'm a fly)


402327Rai:.... what does that mean? seriously look at me! im a bird with blue lines of electricity going over my body!

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