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A collab detailing the origin of Discord, the origin of the changelings, the beginnings of the Everfree Forest, the mighty alicorns that once ruled there, the love story between Discord and certain ponies, a strange traveling alicron sage, and much more.

The collab will - currently - have five stories. I, RainbowDashian, will be writing the main one, called Pandemonium. ChaosKnightRB will be writing the Changeling origin story. TheFirst will be writing the Everfree War story. There will also be a clopfic, as well as the alicorn sage one. I will need proofreaders for all five, and two writers for the stories not being written.

Any help with the collab is welcome, I don't need any writing submissions for you to join.

So, yes. Welcome to Pandemonium, and may the disarray be ever with you.

ANNOUNCEMENT - We need to start getting our rough drafts put together. I have a few people who would be proofreaders, but they need some stories first. And besides, it's easiest to publicize this thing if we have stories out. I don't know how to work Gdocs. If you do, that's great. Just... Put it on Gdocs if you'd like, but I'm going to have mine as an unpublished story here on FIMFiction.

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I'm bored! I need work! It's summer and I just read all my favorites updates.

284871 I'm writing one. I'll finish the chapter and PM you.

Darn. I'm bored. Anyone got any good fanfics for me to proofread?

Tad busy with assignments so I'm out for a decent amount of time, will post when available

284454 I think so... Yeah. We do. I'd have you for the "Alicorn Sage" story.

284077 I got a question, you still need writers right??

284068 It's going to be worked into the Pandemonium storyline. Luna explains it, with some help from Nicholas (Pandemonium)


283918 Idea help mostly. Read the ideas in the threads, comment suggestions/other ideas, etc.

Sup RainbowDashian, lets see... what do we have to get started on first (helping out)

283758 But... I did read the ideas in the thread. I read about the escaping part in the comments, I read about how it was about Discord being bitten and somehow being in love with Luna, but I never read about a wedding. Nor did I hear about Cordy, trapping, Only royals in the story, or any of that. That's why I asked you to give me an idea just to make sure I was getting the right idea. You could have said this before. :applejackconfused:

283753 Well... It's a private wedding. Only the royals and the Mane Six. Cordy's son (The one getting married to Celly. You should really read the ideas in the threads. Whole discussions.) Traps them all. He reveals he is Luna and Discord's love child. Then Cordy and son rule for a while, get defeated by something. (Good idea for the seventh element by the way. But since I'm already taking the "Crashed wedding" idea from the S2 finale, don't want to take more, sorry.)

283736 Ok then. Ideas:

1: Discord becomes free
2: Celestia must explain the horrible truth to the element's of harmony beholders. (how he was bitten, y'know.)
3: Luna over hearing the story doesn't want to remember the past ultimately making her hide.
4: The elements of harmony have no effect over Discord because only one element can stop him.
5: Celestia decides that only one element of harmony can truly stop him and that they must find it, unknowing what it is.
6: Luna sees the destruction Discord has been causing over her kingdom and decides to take a stand.
7: Luna stops Discord with the seventh element, love.

That's what I got. Hopefully it sounds good or if it's just going off the real topic, let me know and I'll think of something else.

283631 It's all in the threads. Read them all. It connects. It'll take too long to type here, and it's already up there.

I was wondering what you had in mind. Like, can you give me an idea on what the story is about? I know it's about Discord, the changelings, alicorns, a love story, and other stuff but can you explain how this all comes together? Just so I can get an idea on what to be thinking about?

283608 That's fine, thanks.


I honestly don't think I would have the time to do it. I am preparing to leave for college. However, I'd be happy to help write it and pre read it before posting.

283567 So... We eventually decided that it would be an alicorn sage, last alicorn left alive after the fall of Everfree (All stories tie in), and it was bitter after its loss (Dunno if he or she), so it turned Queen Chrysalis into the changeling queen. Horrified, she demanded that her subjects could love her. Bad choice of words. The sage transformed her subjects into creatures like her.

So, I want you writing this story... Will you? :pinkiehappy:

283567 One thing that won't work: The changelings were what turned Discord into a draconequess. So,he can't create the AS a draconequess before he is one...

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