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Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted August 22nd

I have an idea for a death battle Rowan the destroyer
Vs tempest shadow

Putting my money on Darkrai because he causes nightmares and fear simply by being near you.

I honestly think they're both matched as far as nightmares and evil darkness powers go. And both of them have a special side thing, Sombra's being crystal and dark unicorn magic, Darkrai's being regular ESC pokemon moves like shadow ball and other such things. I'd pick Sombra, purely because Darkrai is, as for as I know, is used to being secluded and working from the dark (hah), while Sombra is used to being in the fight, I mean he was a tyrant for ages for a reason. I just think Sombra would have a more aggressive stance and more experience that Darkrai wouldn't be prepared to counter, or at the very least, Darkrai would be on the back foot for the whole fight.

7307159 Darkrai will win since he survive a two legendary Pokémon attacks and pack dimension closing.

Technically he died, he was just restored after everything was fixed, but he did hold back two legendary Pokémon that were far stronger than him.

Actually... it's the pokemon for space and time we're talking about here... which are a bit cut above the rest.

7307214 I point still stand

Except for one, Arceus, but I do see your point.
Well, it doesn't really add anything for him since he was just brought back by others' powers.

7307534 Did Sombra hold back hold back two attacks from being whom as old as the Universe if not older?

No, and I'm not trying to defend Sombra, also I was referring to the fact you said he survived two legendary Pokémon attacks.

7307787 Well I'm saying Darkrai has greater defense than Sombra

Hold on, what Type would Sombra's attacks be like? Cause that could effect the tide of the battle.

7307873 Well they work on humans so yes

Dark and psychic?
I'd say darkrai because the abilities are natural for him sombra has to rely on spells

Can’t you people just vote as its said in the description. Don’t comment on it!

Well thank you very much

Sorry man. I did in fact vote. I Will refrain from further comments.

7308496 I voted before I post my comments

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