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Last week's thing is wrapped. Enjoy.

This week... we've got the return of a time-honored tradition around here. We're supplying a sampling of a few different stories that are going to be multi-parters... IF y'all out there vote them in! You're going to decide, based on the short excerpts here (which you'll also be riffing), what story we're starting in our October slot. The contenders are:

-"The Retribution of Chrysalis" by... well, me
-"Two Worlds, One Family" by MrEnter
-"Sonic - Equestria Girls (New Version) Canon" by Sandstorm - Books
-"The Reasonably Adamant Down with Celestia Newfoal Society!" by Chatoyance

Strong contenders all around, probably a tough vote. Once you've blasted through all four of these, sign off at the bottom with which fic you're most excited to see more of in October. The reason it's as far out as October is... we've already got September's multi-part slot settled.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1