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Hello pony fans! The world of Equestria is full of silly Anon fics, usually centered around the antics of good ol' Anon in Ponyville. Meanwhile, the more relatively recent bundle of green cuteness known as Anonfilly is getting so little attention, beyond a myriad of adorable pictures! Let's fix that! In this contest, you will have to write a story in which Anonfilly is the main character.

For the sake of simplicity and to encourage creativity, no specific origin for Anonfilly is required. She can be a male human turned pony, female human turned pony, Cthulhu in pony skin, so long as they are green, grumpy and loveable.

This contest doesn't have a specific theme. However, cuteness and slice of life is encouraged, but any kind of story is welcome.

To inspire the spirit of cute, here are some inspirational pictures selected by Anon3mous1:

How to Enter

The deadline for entries is February 24th, 2020, at 11:59 EST. Entries must be submitted in the form of a Google Doc, any other method will not be accepted. If you wish to enter, please PM the link to your contest entry to me, Sparktail, before the deadline. Each person may only submit one entry. At any time before the deadline, you can change or update your entry, just send a new link.

The contest will be judged via popular vote starting on February 26th, so keep an eye out for another thread, or watch my journal entries for updates.

1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $60
3rd Place - $40

Thanks to Anon3mous1 for their generous contribution to the prize pool.

Contest Rules

1. The story must be about Anonfilly.
2. Each person may only enter the contest once.
3. Entries must be in English.
4. Story submission starts on January 24th 2020 and end on February 24th 2020, at 11:59 EST.
5. The story must be at least 1,500 words, and be complete at a maximum of 6,000 words at time of submission.
6. The story must be newly written for this contest. Nothing previously posted to Fimfiction or anywhere else is eligible.
7. To preserve judging anonymity, the story must not be posted anywhere until after the voting is over. Also, don’t do anything else that would reveal your identity and bias the voting.
8. Each story must be posted to Fimfiction once the voting is over. Winners cannot claim their prizes if their story isn't posted.
9. Stories entered must be T rating or below. Anonfilly may have the mind of an adult, but let's not do naughty things.
10. Winners will receive their prizes via Paypal. Do not enter if you can’t receive funds in this way.

Hm, I'm not one for contests but this is pretty exciting. I'm a sucker for some Anonfilly so I'm looking forward to at least reading the entries.

Cthulhu in pony skin

Anonfilly as a former eldritch abomination is something I didn't know I wanted. But I do.

I see no rules on fetish or worse safe- to gore lvl?

Story are to be rated T at maximum. While it technically doesn't restrict fetishes and gore, it would be against the spirit of the contest

If the deadline is too tight and a few people agree with that acessment, I may bump it up a week or two. The contest doesn't officially start until Friday, so there's time for adjusments.

Questions can Anonfilly be a baby
(I may ask more Questions when I think of them)

another question can we use images to illustrate certain scenes of the story

While they could be a baby, it shouldn't be an excuse to write a diaper fetish story or something similar. The story has to stay clean.

I don't see why not!

Hello everyone!

I have a first update on the contest: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/887045/anonfilly-contest-update-1-and-precision-on-voting-process

Everything is going well so far! Cheers!

Hello everyone!

Here's a second and mostly pointless update for the contest! Only two weeks left!


Last update for the contest.

Especially important to read for those who don't think they can complete their entry in time:


Contest is over! It's voting time! All the information is over here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/890803/anonfilly-contest-voting-time

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