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:trollestia:”Can we ever have a wedding that doesn’t lead to a full scale invasion?”

What are some scenarios that you are hoping for? Some moments?

List them, draw them or give us some dialogue!

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Tempest shakes her head. Feeling heavy, off balance. What did that flame sow do to her?

“She can be quite the hooful. But to be fair, you did start it.”

Whirling around, she came face to face with the Stallion Alicorn. Intel said he was the weakest one, she didn’t know where she was but if he was the obstacle to freedom she would fold him in half.

“That’s hurtful, Fizzle.”

She froze at the mention of that name, that name that haunted her.

“How did you-“. She pulled at her magic, preparing for a burst, but nothing happened. Impossible!

“Darling, you have yet to see what’s possible.” The world literally turned as the floor began to slide, leading to an edge that lead to a drop off down into more murk. She scrambled desperate to find a hold.

At the last minute she did, a crack she was able to strike deeply and painfully with a hoof.

Catching her breath she looked up.

“H-how are you doing this?”

“This is what I call Dreamlock. A prison of your mind.”

“I’m asleep?”

“For as long as I see fit.”

“Buck you! This is my mind! You can’t-“ she began before the crack began to push her back little by little.

“Normally? Yes. But you and your little boy band declared war on my home and those I care about, on my wedding day no less.” His words were cold and calculative, like a cat eyeing a mouse. “Rest assured I won’t lay a hoof on you. Physically, that is. Mentally?” He said grabbing her by the hoof and looking down at her, a cruel grin on his face that stopped her blood cold. “The scars I leave will seem like a tickle compared to losing your horn.”

With that her grip was lost and she began falling into the black below. The silhouette of the Stallion remaining as it swallows her up.

I have a feeling that page would want to do this, and might get away with it for a while, but luna would eventually stop him and step in. I don't believe she would let that power be used like that against someone under orders.
The storm king himself though? I think he's fair game for the dream torture. Page might even be able to do it before SK even arrives at equestria, or at least canterlot if his ship is still in one peice at that point. He'll come crawling in, asking for forgiveness he knows he won't recieve.
That is, of course, if the ship isn't hunted down and neutralized before he can even find out what happened in the capital.

Celestia, bringing the brute force, page and luna knocking out the entire ship (much cheaper magic wise than the whole battlefield) the twilights keeping an eye on the ship and watching for stragglers that could have been hiding in an magic insulated room, sort of the reverse of the cage twilight was in in the movie, they would have seen them when they checked out the captured ships.
Celestia would hold the ship on course with her brute force magic so it wouldn't crash.
They would each keep line of sight with eachother as best they can as well as keeping a constant shield up to prevent any sneak attacks, and calmly take everyone abord the ship into custody.

How difficult that is would depend on how much of a genius the storm king is made out to be here.

Page would probably extract plenty of information from tempest, with or without her consent, so how much she knows about the storm king could put him in danger. I'm really excited to see where we go from here!!

Reposting this here, sans attached omake:


Tempest Shadow's Command ship = captured intact (within the shield and already docked, so too low for Celestia to have targeted it)

One ship cut in half when Shining Armor's shield went up around Canterlot. As the debris would have thus fallen outside of the city, no further casualties possible on the part of the Equestrians and their guests.

Six other invading airships present. I'm assuming that their positioning will be similar to that shown in the movie, so by the time Shining Armor erected his megashield, three of these would have been left fully intact on either side, inside and out. Of these, Celestia destroyed at least two by cutting them in half when Shining dropped his shield. She most likely prioritized those that hadn't quite made it over Canterlot yet.

And then Luna and Page's Lulliby Megaspell went off, stopping the battle with no further casualties. As Luna and Page were the first to awaken, then focused on waking Celestia (and presumably other nonhostile creatures), that's the battle won on the part of Equestria.

That leaves three to five fully intact and operational battle capable airships captured by Equestrian forces, including Tempest Shadow's command ship. Slap on some paint in Equestria's colors and change the banners, and these get added to either the E.U.P.'s air fleet or to Prince Page's personal Guard force (I keep forgetting what they are called).

Next Battle: The Storm King's main fleet.

Current location: Three days out from Canterlot and closing. The projected flight path has them overflying either Appleoosa, Dodge Junction, or Ponyville. The most immediately defensible of these would be Ponyville, given how close it is to Canterlot already. In the movie, Ponyville is shown as having been at least partially bombarded by the time the Mane Six return from the far south, so let's assume that the Storm King's main fleet will overfly Ponyville if it is allowed to get that close before the E.U.P. counter attack.

Enemy Fleet Size: Unknown. Presumably the ships in this fleet are both larger and more numerous than the eight ship strike fleet Tempest Shadow had been given command of. Most of these airships would, however be slower than those sent in the forward strike fleet.

The E.U.P. will want to confront the Storm King's main fleet before it overflies any further Equestrian communities. That gives them maybe two and a half days to plan before they have to move into position if they assume that the enemy fleet is following the same flight path as Tempest Shadow's strike fleet. Less time if they take Appeloosa and Dodge Junction into account.

With a portion of Tempest Shadow's strike fleet captured, that places unicorn magic support within range of the upcoming battle. Add some Earth ponies on board and pegasi escorts to defend the unicorns against boarding actions, and that's a major force multiplier.

Add some pegasi battleclouds and that's another force multiplier.

Add Page's offensively oriented personal Guard, and that's yet another force multiplier.

And then there's Princess Luna, Prince Page, and Sunset Shimmer...

Fillies and Gentlecolts, the Age of the War Mage has returned!

Or perhaps it would better be called The Return of the Magi? :trollestia:


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