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Written by Daring Do, Equestrian Archaeologist. Times and Dates Classified.

Log 1

I haven’t any time to lose. As per the wishes of the Royal Academy, I’m to catalogue my findings but I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.

Equestria is privy to a natural spectacle that occurs as infrequently as less than one time in half a century. To be privy to witness and explore it in my lifetime, while I’m still young (...ish), is an unmissable opportunity.

I speak of the Deeprisen. Just beyond the shore of the Hayseed Swamps, directly east of the badlands, right in the middle of the convergence between Equestria, Draconia and Griffonia, sea levels fall slightly in the Celestial Sea during what is known to the deer as the Elder Year, a year that appears to stretch longer and more arduously than others for all life in the world, a year than more often than most means death before winter’s end.

As the sea levels fall, the Deeprisen is no longer submerged, allowing access to an ancient and mysterious ruin that, according to data, is older than any known site currently on record, nearly twice as old as Rememberly the Bonnycorn herself and has shown no signs of anyone setting hoof upon it since the end of Princess Laurelore.

The Deeprisen’s real name is one of the many things we hope to discover in this place.

Curiously there are no signs of coral anywhere to be found upon this previously submerged artifice or any sea-life in general.

According to local griffons, there never is, nothing grows here, nothing even touches here. They say evil magic is at work but no magic on such a scale lasts this long without clear signs and so far we have found none. There is no sign of any known magical force around.

Interestingly enough, not even the sun touches this place. The site is near constantly clouded over and surrounded by a thick mist that would have made our journey out to sea most perilous if not for the help of Princess Ember and a few of her fellow dragon youngbloods lending their fires to guide our boats.

We had previously searched dragon scripture for any sign of the Deeprisen and its significance but with no success. Ember says that the knowledge of such a place is passed on by word of mouth but no elder willingly speaks of the place.

So naturally, she was intrigued and sought out somepony who would satisfy her curiosity.

Heading and primarily financing this expedition is the Trottingham aristocrat, Lord Ardentine Casterly, a renowned explorer and patron of the arts. Privately, I find the stallion rather obnoxious. He seems to regard my endeavours as little more than fanciful foal’s tales, is hesitant to believe I have any lasting impact to the archaeological world and has his servants do everything for him while he stands around having his photo taken. But his bits are what’s keeping this expedition afloat (Heh, made a joke there) so I’ll tolerate his attitude for now.

Also joining us, at least those I’m on good terms with, are the Griffon Princess Scarlett MacAwe, a tough old bird with a hunger for fame and knowledge near as great as mine; Professor Vergiss Meinnicht of the University of Stuttegard, a weathered old steed but extremely learned in studies and theories that predate the First Age of Magic; Madam Daubentone, an old friend and mentor of Trixie Lulamoon and one of the few ponies in Equestria who still practices spiritualism, communicating with the dead through indirect interaction among their resting places, and Doctor Eton Mess, head of the department of archaeology at Trottingham Academy and the only pony here who seems pretty jolly about the whole thing.

Between us, we’ve gathered a crew and equipment suitable for the expedition.

Deeprisen’s structure is a peculiar one. It is built similar to a pyramid but flat-topped, almost like a burial mound or a barrow and built entirely out of an oily black stone. Upon inspecting this stone, light seems to fade, no matter what its source, as if the material absorbs it inordinately. The summit is decorated only with bizarre runes which bear no similarities to any script about.

Deeprisen itself stands an anomaly. Its design and features aren't shared by anything ever discovered in the Known World. Only one thing is somewhat familiar to us and that is the gems around the great door at its summit.

Sangrinite, more commonly known as Bloodstone. Yet even this is ominous for the gems are a great deal more glossy and vibrant than the Imperial Bloodstone that Sombra used. It is known that the Dark Prince was able to heal his wounds in battle through Bloodstone rituals, draining them significantly of their vibrancy. Yet these gems are as dark a crimson as the fluid it’s named after. Sombra has not touched these.

In order to preserve his life, all Bloodstone was mined from nearly all of Equestria. These could be the only untouched pieces of Sangrinite left in the world.

Tomorrow, we open the Deeprisen and begin our descent. We estimate the Deeprisen will remain unsubmerged for just under a month so we must put all available resources to use before then and find out everything we can in this mystifying place.

Log 2

Hooves down, this will be my most unique venture yet.

Today, at the stroke of morning, we attempted the removal of the enormous stone slab with the strength of twelve unicorn mages.

No result. The door did not react at all to the magic. The mages cast and recast but no result. The door didn’t null their spells, it simply refused to submit to them.

We then tried a variety of more manual methods. In an effort to prize open a nook with a pick and mallet, Fortissimo, one of Lord Casterly’s hanger’s-on colleagues, slipped on the oily stone and cut himself slightly. A few drops of blood seeped under the door and within moments, it shifted, spun and levitated high into the air, held aloft completely motionless. There was no sound or sign of magical aura. We tried pulling it away but it couldn’t budge, even in mid-air. I just hope it stays in place until we’re done or this could become inconvenient.

Blood magic. That is an ominous sign if ever there was one. Nopony has practiced blood magic for millennia. Not even Sombra delved into it.

Yet this occurrence bears no sign of the traditional methods of magic at all.

Madame Daubentone has been having unpleasant dreams but around a ruin when you communicate with the dead, that’s to be expected. However, one thing she mentions is that, when the door was opened, the blood seeping through, she heard the distinct sound of crying foals.

She says she’s visited the spirits of children often in the past. But she’s never heard them cry.

She insists that they never ever do that.

Whatever the case, I must be off inside. Any longer and I'll go mad with impatience.
Wish me luck.

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Interesting, wonder what the next log is.

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