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Heroic thieves count as grey, right?

If you mean some sort of a Robin Hood-like figure, then yeah, I suppose so.

5975202 If it means committing an evil is necessary to defeat an evil is considered gray, yeah.

5975202 Yeah, but it can also depend on the society they live in too.

I remember you from somewhere. Where do I remember you from?

5975202 Heroic thieves like Robin Hood or more like Sly Cooper or Nathan Drake?

5975290 Another forum on this site? Or perhaps another site? And do you bring this up because I might be gray?

I was thinking both. Plus Leverage. Ever seen Leverage?
No, I just... Sorry, it just felt like I was forgetting something.

5975463 Nope. Is that a TV show or game or what?

5975472 It's a TV show about a crew of five that go around conning evil people that try to screw over innocents, it's amazing.

5975496 No, it ended a few years ago. I think it had five seasons, all of them good.

5975549 I'll have to add that in my watch later list.

Woah, that’s new. The HTML’s been updated and I like it. I miss the 4chan-style numbers, but this does look more professional.



look at all these new things you can do

I like this update. I just wish those circular avatars didn’t cut off my OC’s horn. His horn is not broken, it is mighty and pointy!

I don’t know you’ll have to talk to Joker about that:

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 17
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