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Have you read Lyra's blog about asking people to donate to her because her mother is suffering from a disease called: Viking's disease?

No? Then I HIGHLY recommend you do that love, if you want to help her out. The link is already above. Please help her out, I found out about this after reading my friend, CHIMMIE Star Gamer's blog about it, and I want to participate in helping.

I'm sorry, what did you just say? Said something about that you can't donate, love? Just spread the word, every little helps and I know Lyra and the rest of the people who are helping her, would gladly appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Mates, seriously, spread the word, or donate you're money to Lyra. I'm very serious. Why?

My mom is having a lot of pain in her shoulder and wrist areas.The disease is also causing her feet and ankles to cramp up. Because she's been dealing with legal stuff she hasn't been able to go to physical therapy and workman's comp won't help her find a doctor that can help her on the weekends so my mom isn't getting the treatment she needs. And we still need to get the rest of the rent money by the end of the week or we will be in trouble. So just keep sending positive thoughts our way. We both need all of the prayers we can get.

That's why, chaps. That's not good. I'm starting to feel very worried and sorry about her mother. I'll send my prayers to her, and maybe you all should to.

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