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If you're all like me, then you hate it to find an interesting story with a good plot that gets cancelled/stays incomplete/goes on Hiatus for all of eternity/etc.

Well, this group is to give away the poor fan fictions that you just can't take care of anymore and that you have officially discontinued. Just put your story in the right folder and make a forum post about where you want the fic to go and it can be adopted by a fine ambitious writer who can take care of it for you and give it the ending it deserves.

So, what are you waiting for? Post your fics here now! In fact, I'll get you started. I've got a FanFiction that I will probably never complete: a romance lyraXbonbon fic that I started a long time ago and is very mediocre. But hey, I'm sure you'll all take good care of it.

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