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A thread for people to post if they have any questions or suggestions concerning the group in any way.

5448573 Maybe, the group should be more active. It seems pretty dead to me. The only stories here being the ones I added.

Group Admin

5460868 Certainly. Is there anything specific you would like to see us do? I've been thinking of possible threads and forums to post.

5461063 If you have ideas, well post : this will make people on this group more active, and will make other people interested in this group and join

I would like some clarification
but i see no posts recently, or new members here for a while
new to posting, so not sure
i want help, about myself, my identity (most know me as a transwoman, but it's a little deeper than that, why figured might be better to ask here then regular transbronies group) not sure i should clarify that in the introduction. make own thread asking specific question for more depth, ask it here, or what
hope to hear a response, in like a week hopefully :3

(sorry if i'm not clarrifying well enough or what not, just got the strength to ask this and its 5 in the morn)

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5615794 How do you feel on the spectrum? Do you feel entirely like one gender or the other? Or does your gender feel like something only you can place a label on? In most cases it would generally be the latter, but there's really no right or wrong answer. It would help to maybe express more specifically how you feel about your gender and whether or not you feel entirely female. Don't be afraid to share or discuss because a lot of us have gone through the same journey; it's very likely that we'll be able to understand where you're coming from. Sorry for not being so active with the group as of late. I had every desire to be, but my life became very crazy shortly after creating it. Hope you can feel more at home here.

strongly a woman...around 90%of the time. then its like both, or none (and unfortunately my extreme physical dysphoria never goes away, just is different. and yes, i know not all transgender people have dysphoria...i just happen to have a lot, why for the female part been on hormones for 4 months) and then sometimes where its none but not really (reminds me of struggle figuring out sexual orientation, demisexuality alone is weird. this stuff, is more confusing)
entirely female sometimes?
i can understand, been like that way for me for few months

i think ill create a thread asking for specifics once i get the courage (this is far from specifics i think)
one thing i will ask, an explanation on the term transfeminine. what does it mean, cause gender wikia wasnt helping (it was saying representing femininity more then masculinity. both them linking to page describing them by gender roles and expression. i fit some of both masculine and feminine and think that would be androgynous? but i would not say im more feminine then masculine as far as there definitions of such.
wikia also said can be standalone gender identity, and confused of that. but if saying identify as woman more often, then yes?)
then again slightly confused of a lot of other terms though. like if it fit would i be transfeminine genderfluid?

I'm cis male with a story about an ambiguously gendered character. It might be a strange question, seeing how accepting this group is, but can I add my story here?

5721866 I don't think that would be an issue, you have my vote (doubt that means much though) to add your story.

Alright! Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Group Admin

5721866 Go ahead and do it. If pertains to anything about gender variance/ambiguity, it's welcomed here. And welcome to the group. :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I am welcomed, and I am happy. :pinkiehappy:

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