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Mellow Mirth
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The Shipshelf Forum Rules:

1) Don't spam.
Sure, it's OK to post the same threads every so often. But not too often. You all know how much qualifies as spam, and spamming can lead to a warning/ban. Depending on the number of previous offences you've had.

2) Don't attack other users.
There are lots of ships out there, and people like different ones. If you don't have the same opinion on a ship or topic as someone else, that's no reason to attack them. Keep calm here, it's alright to have disagreements. But there's a big difference in disagreements and attacks and/or threats against other users. This can lead to a warning/ban.

3) Stay on topic.
This is a shipping group, so keep all threads posted to the main forum related to shipping. Anything else should go into the 'General Discussion' thread. Any threads posted outside of the 'General Discussion' box not related to this group or shipping will be locked or deleted.

4) Don't post NSFW content.
Keep NSFW images and content away, basically following the site rules for this. Breaking this rule will lead to a warning/ban, depending on the previous number of offenses.

5) Remember site rules.
Site rules apply everywhere, including in this group. The link can be found 'here'.

For offenses, we have the three-strike system:

First offence: A warning. You'll be sent a PM including the reason why if this occurs.

Second offence: Tepmorary ban. This will range from a day to a week, depending on the offense. You'll be sent a PM including the reason and lengh of the ban.

Third offence: Permanent ban. You'll be sent a PM why, and remember, only in extreme situations or recurring offences will this happen. You'll be allowed to explain your behavior, and if you're a really smooth talker, you might get out of it.

Alright, now with all of the rules out of the way, we at The Shipshelf would like welcome you to the group and hope you enjoy yourself. If you wish to become a reviewer, feel free to contact Mellow Mirth. If you feel dissatisfied with a review that a story you submitted received, feel free to contact the admin responsible for conducing it, we will get you sorted out as fast as possible. Also, remember that a submitted story may not get a review. Every story gets read and rated, but it is ultimately up to the reviewer/admin if they want to conduct a review on any submitted story. Additionally, If you see anyone breaking the rules, tell one of the admins and we'll handle it.

To get started on the group, you may want to visit some of the following threads:

The Introduction Thread (See forum)

The General Discussion Thread (See forum)

Group Admin

Righty oh! Boss!

Boss just doesn't have the right ring Mirth(Our Lord and Master)... much better. ^^

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