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This is a friendly group about discussing the importance of the different elements of writing. Such as, but not limited to, Expositional Dialogue, Appropriate Pacing, and Putting your own flare on a story. There will be new discussion thread posted every week, but members can also ask any questions they have.

1. There are no stupid questions.
We all have those days where nothing makes sense, so I kindly ask that you respect the askers of the questions that sound obvious to you.

2. Please, no self-promotion.
I've been there. Sometimes it's hard to get the recognition you deserve, but this isn't the pace to do it.
You may only post a thread about your story if the thread focusses on a particular element of the story that you feel doesn't fit quite right.

3. Have fun!
You can add your stories to the folders as long as you follow rule number 2. I hope to have thoughtful discussions with you soon!

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