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Sharktavia 9: Shark of Inspiration: This was a fun little twist on the Sharktavia mythos, building suspense, intrigue, relationships, and keeping its powder dry until the big reveal. Probably one of the biggest welcomed additions was another character influencing the story, whose insanity meshes well with the otherwise grounded setting to connect it to the whacky premise. Overall it was a nice piece that fit in well with the series.

Sharktavia 17: Shark Happens: This is certainly a subtle kind of over the top comedy, taking its time to build its sense of humor over the course of the story, culminating in a climax that takes the prompt into the next gear. It certainly lives up to its tags and expands on the Sharktavia family.

Sharktavia 36: Shark Effect 4: Sharkdromeda: The narrative here may have been too on the nose, but it felt like a blend of meta critique on the game franchise blended with Sharktavia goodness. Vinyl’s antics and Sharktavia’s constant seduction, or “sharkduction” as she calls it, felt like familiar territory in such an alien setting.

Sharktavia 5... Thousand, Eye of the Tiger (Shark): The comeback story of the century starring a wereshark Octavia as she swims her way back to the top. It was an enjoyable little snippet of her life, but maybe it’s just my penchant for black comedy where depression and a mass murder on the horizon are treated flippantly.

Sharktavia 40,000: In The Grim Sharkness Of The Far Future There Is Only Wharf: This had a quirky sense of humor and certainly knew how to keep running jokes subtle but present. Nicely written as well. The characters had personality, though I just wish there had been more Sharktavia.

Sharktavia i: Sharktavia Evolved: This was a certainly creative direction for the prompt. There’s a lot of worldbuilding and deeper concepts that aren’t explored, but on the whole it’s a well-written story with nice characterization. The ending was also very much in-line with the Sharktavia concept, whacky and abrupt.

I'm very sad that life hit me right when this contest started and I never got to write Sharktavia 13: Call Me Fishmeal.

5971828 Write it anyway.

Agreed. Missing out on the contest doesn't mean that you've also missed out on the new craze that is Sharktavia. :pinkiecrazy:

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