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Group Admin

[I was going to do this yesterday, however I had just returned from therapy and was exhausted]

I've deiced to expand on the rules a bit. Standard site rules still apply, as do the initial ones.

1. No shipping wars.
2. No trolling.
3. NSFW stories are allowed, but please put them in the proper folder.
4. There is a two story per day limit. I'm the only admit of this group at the moment.

Here are the new rules:
5. All M/18+ stories must go in the NSFW folder. No exceptions.
6. In regards to ships that feature the Mane/Male six with a different character(example; CometLight, FlashShimmer, Bulkshy, etc) they are not permitted...if they are the main focus. If it's in the background, then I'll give it a pass(the rule also applies to same sex shipping)
7. Although, I do not like same sex shipping, It too is allowed here(most for the background/secondary cast)
8. OC/Canon is a bit of a gray area, for the time being I will allow it, albeit; regulated to BG characters only.
9. Stories that feature one of the Mane/Male six as friends or family with another character are permitted.
10. Under no circumstance are anti ship/character bashing stories permitted. Adding one will get you banned from the group.

I really don't enjoy being strict when it comes to rules, but past experiences have shown being to lenient will only cause issues. Please follow the rules and we can all have a good time.


Finally some one besides me who is agents same sex ships!

Also I was wondering we could add a new ship to this group.

Group Admin


Starlight x Sunburst or Starburst

Group Admin

5283304 That would go under secondary pony/non pony ships.


Really? I though Starlight was a mane 7.

Group Admin

5284020 I think it may be a "eye of the beholder" thing.
And this eye says no.

Group Admin

5284040 This isn't to say they aren't allowed. They are.


I know I just find it weird because most consider her the mane 7.

Also I posted a story idea and no one has replied. Are idea posts even aloud on this group?

Group Admin

5285693 Uh...Hm. I never considered it before.

But, I have no objections.


Okay now I just need some one to respond to it.

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