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The year is drawing to a close. Only less than 24 hours, then we have to say goodbye to 2015 and can welcome 2016!
It was an exciting year. The longest hiatus that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the brony fandom had ever seen ended, Season 5 arrived and brought us a new batch of 26 exciting episodes that even exceeded Season 4 and the hard work of our Cutie Mark Crusaders finally paid off and they earned their cutie marks after years of crusading for them.
It was a year full of awesomeness and we, the Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders group, are going to celebrate it!
That's right! We're holding our second stream event tomorrow!
Beginning at exactly 04:00 AM EST, we hop on our channel and tune in to Celestia Radio's New Year Countdown!
With the help of a second channel on UStream that was just set up yesterday, we're going to stream the countdown for 24 hours straight, so that the best pony music can carry you over into the new year and beyond!
We will also throw some New Year's Eve videos into the mix, as well as some of the best pony videos and songs of 2015. And that's where you come into play:

Our New Year's Eve stream event is going to be an interactive one and you can choose the program!

Is there a pony video or song that particularly impressed you this year and that got stuck in your head? Post it during the stream in the chat with a link to it on YouTube and we play it for you!
We want to show off the best pony videos and pony songs 2015 had to offer, so don't hesitate with submitting everything you can think of!

The event will start in six hours from now, at 04:00 AM EST, and will run straight into 2016 on our new, personal stream event channel on Equestria TV:

Join us for 24 hours of celebration with ponies, ponies and more ponies as we count down to the new year and celebrate all the good things that 2015 has brought to us and the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

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