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Sheltie Paws
Group Admin

What the tile said. If you are new to the group, post a comment here about yourself and things you'd like to see in this group. Have fun with in Hippocampus!

Passions Star
Group Admin

Greetings, Poetry Motion here, name says it, I am a poet and like to make friends to.

We Cause Chaos
Group Admin

Hi! I'm Twister Blitz and I think merponies are ADORABLE. :heart:

Group Admin

4456628 - 4456714 - 4456914

I'm Ponyess.
I write numerous stories.
There just so happen to be at least one that just may qualify for the group, all depending on the definition of SeaPony
They were mentioned in the Old MLP.
On the other hoof, I just may come up with ideas for Mer Ponies on a more Mer themed consept as well, later on.
There should be room for them on an idea I am working on for a side-verse.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 4
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