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Bootsy Slickmane
Group Admin

Gather 'round, gentle fillies and colts, and take note of the following rules of the Silver Spoonerverse group.

1. Don't be a villain. Keep it civil and follow all site rules here, and there'll be no problems. Trolls can stay under their bridges. Argue all you want, just don't digress into harassment, 'kay? 'Kay.

2. No spam. This includes things like repeatedly posting the same thread, flooding threads with naught but off-topic or reaction images, filling threads with tons of nonsensical gobbledygook, and just stuff like that. Post threads about and talk of whatever you want, but don't be obnoxious about it.

3. No self promotion unless it's Spoonerverse related. Got a new story? That's nice, but this isn't the place to advertise. Got a new story that involves the characters or world of the Silver Spoonerverse? Now that is something you can advertise. That's what this is about, after all.

4. The Spoonerverse is open to anyone. Want to write a story where Spooner gets into a fight with Queen Chrysalis and gets eaten? A story where Spooner has a pie eating contest with Babs Seed? A story where Spooner goes on a date with Scootaloo? Go for it. This world is anyone's to write about and play with. Just be aware that there is certainly a canon storyline at work, and many stories may simply not fit or actually contradict the canon, so they wouldn't be able to be considered canon. Some might, but a lot probably won't. As such...

5. If you have a story, put it into the Non-Canon Spoonerverse Stories folder. If it really does jive with the canon our captains put together, one of them will put it into a canon folder.

New rules may be added as time passes and people do bad things, and people can suggest (serious) rules here in this thread. For now, that's it. Break the rules and you'll probably get banned for a while, possibly forever if you break them enough times or are just that irritating. Threads will be locked only if they digress into abuse, but fun madness is fine. Totally arbitrary, so don't push your luck. Don't be a bad guy, else the Spoon of Justice shall swiftly scoop you up and toss you out.

Have a nice day.

Group Admin


the canon our captains put together

I'm pretty sure we'll have to publish some guidelines one day. Though the canon is rather loose, if we're to stick to naval terms.

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