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So I'm currently working on an Idea for a Coutnry in Equestria story involving an Alternate Republic of Texas. However I cannot decide on a border for this new Texas. Let me know what you think. Here are three deviant art maps (Not owned or done by me) to get your ideas going

Now, if you want this to be a recently independent Texas, the best thing to do is not have them fully control the land that they claim.

A recently independent nation may not have the organization set up or the resources ready to patrol that big of a territory, and enforce their claims on it.

The most likely and realistic map is the second one, cause
1) USA is more stronger than a recently independent Texas
2) They can expand southwards because just like them, Mexico was only recently free from Spanish control.
3) The most plausible amount of land that they can actually patrol and enforce their claims on.

The land they grab is during the more troublesome times of
U.S and Mexico. Any land seized from America is given to them for promised neutrality in the Civil War or to getting them to stop interfering in the civil war and the Mexican territories are ceded during economic downturn in the Mexican economy. The country is taken away from the conntinent in 1910

Would poeple be interested in that? Im not meaning that in a sarcastic way im actually asking would people still be interested if just the REpublic of Texas joined Equestria. If I do that I could give it the land it had and its small claims. If I used the land Texas claimed it would look like this with the land it had claim to in its time as a republic

So your saying that this border (Dark Green) is best but why

This would cut the main border from the Rio Grande and the Texan economy was in total shambles with economic downturn so why these borders compared to the 1845 ones? Plus if theother borders come with the area could be split with the northern areas becoming the Commanche territory

I believe the commacnhes would get the land north of the Red River giving them Modern texas panhandle with their center being in Albuquerque and the mexican garrisons would be granted the land east of the Republic of Texas with the Nueces being the main border before artificial lines stretch north up to the Red River with El Paso as their largest city. The question his how would the polotics work. Two of the three would be used to a presidential system but it would also feel good if they were a confederation with a council

Why are we still attached to VA?

I didn’t make the maps I just googled alternate history of Texas map

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