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well i guess i cant really pick an anime of the season so early into the season but based on the first episode i can pretty much tell that Amanchu! is going to be the best anime this season. First off it's credentials are not lacking. first, based off a manga by the same mangaka that made Aria, second done by JC Staff and no matter what you might think they just finished flying witch which is very similar to this and also amazing, lastly...and this isnt something im too up to snuff on but...the director apparently has made some of JC Staff's better shows but that's just what i've heard. anyways back to back JC Staff anime is a bit surprising since lately all theyve been making is shitty light novel adaptations. i guess theyre digging into the "healing" (as they say) and slice of life manga adaptations which is fine by me since that stuff has really been my favorite for awhile now.

ANYWAY...enough about that...this anime is about 2 that loves to go scuba diving and one that's new in town. they make friends on the first day of school and it seems like new girl is gonna get dragged into scuba diving along with her new friend.

things i liked about this anime were exactly the first things i loved about flying witch last season. the artwork and the music were the first to grab my attention. the character art is VERY Aria so that is a plus to me. also in the end of the op it showed the two main girls holding hands under water and it looked very yuri to me and...i fucking love me some yuri so...obvious choice for anime of the season this season.

other anime I'm watching that i'll mention in brief:

amaama to inazuma: a super close second based on the first episode. the anime is about a single father and his daughter living together. the dad cant cook so he takes his daughter to a resturaunt and there they share the first good meal theyve had since his wife died. he vows to learn how to cook for his daughter. looks like a huge gut punch of an anime.

New Game: cute girls do cute things in an office that makes video games. looks like it might have some yuri subtext which is a plus

Love Live! Sunshine!!: love live! now with 9 new girls and set in the countryside... way gayer this time.

ReLIFE: this anime released all 13 episodes at once so you can watch it all today! its a neat take at a romcom. guy becomes a shut in, gets selected for an experiment, takes a pill that makes him 17, gets to go back to high school and try and get over his trauma that led him to become a shut in. that might sound stupid but please trust me when i say that it was executed quiet well.

Show by Rock! Shorts!: short anime based on the show by rock anime of last year. i personally loved the heck out of show by rock so these shorts will hold me over until season 2 (supposedly going to air fall 2016).

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Hoah ship, I saw this a bit late. I do like Aria, so I'll give Amanchu a go (although the music is what sold Aria to me, that had better be good too). I haven't seen much of the new anime coming out in all honesty, except for one show called Tonkastu DJ Agetarou which was pretty cool. It's a show about a teenage boy in Japan who is involved in a family restaurant, and wants to become a DJ. The art style is pretty quirky, a bit like Masaaki Yuasa, and it's a fun story. I aught to finish that, now I think of it. I also saw the new Studio Ghibli film, When Marnie was There, and that is very good indeed.

My friends have started watching the new Berserk reboot, but I'm (very slowly) watching the original series to get to grips with it. The only anime I'm actively looking forward to are two films called: Kimi no Na wa (the new Makoto Shinkai film), and Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni.

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