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do you like metal
Do you like bad troll and jerk free groups
Do you like or listen to RED
then this is the place for you

i have some rules
1. if someone is religious and they post something religious Don't make fun of it or say something mean about it or you will be banned.
2. you can post any videos that involve red, or what ever you please
3. can't post anything offensive or racist. you will be banned
4. have fun
5. don't be a troll unless it's good trolling, as in people will find it funny, especially the person you're trolling

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347274 thanks for the comploment

Hm... I should make some stories basing around some of RED's songs.

Don't listen to these guys man, this seems like a pretty cool group. You seem like a pretty cool dude too. Think I'll join the group. Also, End of Silence was my favorite album.

Comment posted by Thaums deleted Jan 31st, 2014
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