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I decided to share this now that I know where I want to take this side story, still working on Press Start. Like I said in my other topic, the first two scenes were edited from two different side stories that didn't go anywhere that me and Carpinus Caroliniana were working on. The title is only a place holder til I think of a better title. The mare that paid News will show up.

Reel Action looked at the clock. She passed a cup of black coffee to a tired looking Human. The coffeehouse she worked at was called the Black Brew. It was a rather well known Equestriani coffeehouse where a lot of writers and other creative types like to congregate. Just then, the clock chimed, indicating her shift was over. She clocked out and got her belongings. Trotbeck was a small town and she found the pace to be much slower than her days as a movie star. Turning down a road, she found herself at her home. There standing in front of the doorway was two familiar faces from her movie star days: Funny Bones and his wife, Marion Henriksen.

Upon seeing Reel Action, the blue colored stallion trotted towards her and greeted her with a smile, "Hey, Reel. It's been awhile, hadn't it?"

Reel Action looked over the two. "Hello," she said. Her horn glowed as she unlocked the door. "Come on in." She then added, "Sorry for not attending the wedding..."

"Don't worry, I understand." Funny Bone said entering the home of the former starlet, followed by his wife. "Oh..." he started only to conjure up a bouquet of flowers into existence. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Action looked at the bouquet floating in Bones' telekinetic aura. She was so stunned that her own voice failed her.

"Come on, did you really think we forgot your birthday?"

Action Reel shook her head, "No, It simply slipped my mind with everything that has happened these past months." She grabbed the bouquet with her own magic. "Thank you."

"No problem. Well today we will treating you for lunch and dinner. Isn't that right, darling?" He turned his attention to the only human in the room. Marion nodded, her intimidating and stoic appearance replaced by a more friendly one. "So is there any place you would like to go? It is your birthday after all."

Action Reel's stomach growled loudly reminding her that she hadn't eaten yet. "Sure. There is Noodles and Company that opened a few days ago a couple of blocks from here." She looked at her uniform. "Wait here while I go and change.."


Noodles and Company was a fairly crowded casual dining place. There were numerous Humans, Equestriani and other species ordering food, eating or otherwise chatting. Action Reel looked at the menu. Noodle based dishes from all around the world greeted her.

"Marion, you been to one of these before. What do you recommend?" Action asked.

Marion Henriksen turned to her. "I suggest you get the Thai coconut curry. Don't worry, it's got no meat. Though if ya want, ya can order some." Action Reel made a face at the idea of eating meat. True, there were some "humanized" Equestriani who did eat meat, but they weren't that common.

Funny Bones looked at the menu, "Well, I'll be getting Bangkok Curry. You want a Spinach & Fresh Fruit Salad, right?" Marion nods then his attention turns towards Reel. "What about you?"

"I'll try the Thai coconut curry." Action answered without hesitation, making a mental note to come here often if she liked the food.

"Got it."

Funny Bones stood in line, ordering their meals once he was at the corner. He paid and levitated the metal "tent" with their order number engraved on it and the cups to a table in the back. He put the placeholder on the side of the table while his wife get their drinks.

"So, Reel," Funny Bones said, giving the mare a sympathetic look. "Thanks for not booting us out. Okay I knew that you were not going to that but still.."

Reel sighed, putting her hooves on the table, "Sorry for giving you that impression. However, my problem wasn't even with you two as you stood up for me, that means a lot. It was that bitch of a director that was willing to ruin my career to make a so called statement about humans." She looked at Marion who returned. "How's the noble life?"

Marion deadpanned sarcastically, "Riveting so far...."


Sitting across the way from them stood a blown coated mare wearing clothing that made her not stand out from the crowd. Her name is Juicy News, a reporter for the Daily Equestria, and here she was taking pictures of the three using a invisibility spell to keep anyone from seeing her camera. Then again, she was being paid to find something that will ruin the both of them by someone who clearly had a vendetta with the two. And with seeing them meeting with Reel Action, she had a nice angle that would please the mare and planed to discuss it once she got in touch with her again.

These photos she took would make ponies or humans think that the noble was cheating on his wife, if she kept Lady Henriksen out of the camera's view. The best part is that she knew ponies would be flocking to buying the newspaper once they see the headline she had in mind. Not that she had anything against the couple but...

Her phone rang...

The mare sighed and answered the call once she saw the number, "News here."

"I really hope you have something for me." said the female voice from the other line that still gave Juicy the impression that she was talking to a noble.

"In fact I do," News told her. "I know your going to like what I had in mind."

"I'm listening..."

So what level of canonicity is this going to be to the mainline AAG story?

More canonicity to the Be Human stories, after Chemistry as Funny Bones is married to a human.

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