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Cydox Crescent
Group Admin

Rule Zero: NO FUN We joke. Please, do enjoy yourselves. As long as no rules are broken, that is.

Rule One: Submission Submit stories in "Submit Here folder in ONE appropriate subfolder. If you post your story in any more than that, you will be warned. If you do it again after the warning, your story will be deleted and you will banned for a week before you can submit your story again. If you are banned multiple times because of this, the ban will become permanent.

Rule Two: View Limit You can only submit stories that (if under 5000 words) have less than 500 views, (if between 5001-10000 words) have less then 1000 views, (if between 10001+ words) have less than 2000 views. If the story has any more than that, we cannot help. (Be proud of your work. It has to many views that we cannot help you. That's a good thing!)

Rule Three: Staff All staff must be kind and respectful in their dealing with members. If any are found to be anything but, please have them reported to an admin. If it is an admin, report them to another admin.

Rule Four: Thread Posting We will allow you all to post threads, as long as you post a topic that at least semi-relates to this group. The acceptable threads types are:

1) Promoting a lesser known story that is not in this group.
2) Help for new writers
3) Writing Challenges
ex) TenSongs/TenCharacters challenge (A fic that takes ten songs and writes a chapter per song based on the feelings the writer gets from the song. Each chapter focuses on a new character.
4) Asking for writing help (We'd rather you not do "Is this good" threads, but as long as you don't spam them, we will allow them.)

Rule Five: Further Thread Rules No self promotion. We will do that for you, if your story is up to standards. Instead, go to The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau.

Rule Six: Be Kind Any members that violate rules and act in a rude manner toward others are to be reported. We will tolerate no jerks. Jerks make's Fwutters cry. :fluttercry:

Any concerns with the rules, or if you see a way we can improve them, contact Cydox Crescent or another admin. Thank you.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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