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First why am I the only one shooting ideas out?

Now to the idea that I’ve already made a prologue to, although I may just not do it. also this was by far the most out of blue idea i've had.

The story is called ‘Fire of her heart, Speed of her metal’

Rainbow dash is injured in a timber wolf attack when she saved scootaloo. Now she has no wings and is now facing a great depression. Her friends help her but she is crushed by the fact she can never fly again. The one thing that keeps her going is that she meets a very sick earth pony in the hospital that is mean, arrogant and a jerk. He gets under her skin but at the same time tells her that to never give in to the chains of fate and reality. She was no idea what he is saying but she leaves the hospital, but comes back every so often to get pain meds.

On one trip she meets the pony again who talk to her about the obvious depression she has. She tries to play it off but He convinces her to no give up and tries and fined another way to live. She asks him what dose he know about it. He has always been sick ever since he was a colt and that he too once almost gave up. Until one day he found a necklace with an odd symbol on it. This lucky charm when worn plays a song that only the wear can here. This metal music ignited the fire in his heart and gave him hope.

Dash and the pony hangout for sometime until he is back at the hospital, on his death bed he gives dash the lucky charm and tells her that meeting her was a great honor.

Later in the time line of the story scootaloo is sick and the hospital has no power so dash takes scootaloo to the nearest hospital. While she is wearing the charm she tries to get to the hospital as fast as she could run while a storm hit them.

Her will to never give up returns and the amulet glows, engulfs them in flames and shots them throe the sky to the hospital in time. After the flames died down around dash she finds that her wings are back, reborn in flames.

In a dream she meets the pony who gave her the amulet, he says his goodbyes and that he is proud of her for finding her fire again as the amulet would not have worked other wise.

She asks who he is to which he said…they called me the Cremator of the Sky, Ormagöden. She asks why he did this. He tells her that he is also patron god of all who love speed and that he couldn’t set by and see one of his beloved embodiments suffer. He then leaves to return to his realm.

yes a crossover with brutal legend

2608702 Wow, that sounds epic. Perhaps even a bit to epic. If I'd do this, I'd scrap the crossover part and just go for the Rainbow Dash's winger dysfunction.

RD telling Scootaloo that her wing's don't matter in the Fight to the finish episode goes a bit against your story, but then again, maybe RD has double standards.

RD losing wings is very powerful. All the rest that you wrote would water it down in my opinion. I'd just go around describing the suffering of RD and play on that.

Again, great idea overall. :twilightblush:

2609352 in retrospect i agree after re-reading what i wrote :twilightblush: the losing wing part is good but the rest kinda got out of hand...i should stop listen to power metal while tiring to write.

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