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so i always wonder if this idea would be a good one..(note: this is an open idea so if you like it go for it)...

Adventure quest world crossover- Premise: twilight Finds a old black cyristal once owned by king sombra which teleports her to Lore(AQW world), when she arrives she finds that her magic changed and is more powerful(she is now sorcerer class). She travels to find that the crystal is stolen by a chaos creature, which leds her to become the destined hero to save Lore from Chaos corruption while also trying to find the crystal to get back home. involves finding and beating all chaos lords in game.

honestly not sure if a good idea or not..

2570976 Twilight Sparkle is a Mary-Sue-imba-alicorn-princess as it is. Giving her even more power might be — tricky.

Also, if you used a comic book instead of AQW it wouldn't even have to be a crossover (which is good because not everypony knows of AdventureQuest Worlds (I had to google it!)). It would be more canon that way.

As for the plot:
Hero -> monsters -> hero fights monsters -> monsters die -> the end
It can be done very well, but then again, we've seen it in every other movie. It's a bit used up.

2571357 oh ok thanks for telling me :pinkiehappy:....wasn't sure and i didn't want to make it that much

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