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In the beginning, the land was strife with unimaginable atrocities.

Though there were a few worthy individuals, the land was tainted with a sickening debauchery and vile ill content people.

In fear, those that were worthy were safeguarded while the land was cleansed. Having nothing that could hope to cleanse the unworthy masses, they would be washed away.

But the worthy were not as clean as previously thought. Their sickness was buried deep within them. And nothing would wash it from their wretched souls.

The pestilence within them would fester for generations to come. Their unknowing fate forever sealed. I know my fears. I know what comes next. And I embrace it fully.

I am Pestilence, and this is my Conquest.

I seek to finish the job, and wash the land of this unimaginable atrocity. I will safeguard the worthy and teach them what I have learned. Together, we will ride out the storm and be cleansed of our diseases.

Join me in my Conquest. We will find our Courage and face our fears in the Valley of Death. And we will be worthy.

I am Pestilence, and this is my Conquest.

-teachings of Pestilence, act II

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