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In the beginning, there were two siblings. Each honorable in their own right.

Each of the siblings would bring an offering they deemed necessary to appease their god. Their honor being their only morale compass.

When their offerings were appraised, and one was chosen to be greater than the other, the great unthinkable occurred.

The fire that pushes us to compete was set. The need to win. The need to defeat started. Our war began.

We are born to fight. Everything we know we’ve learned to survive. And survival is a contest that I intend to win. I will set the course of history into my own liking.

I am War, and this is my Conquest.

I seek to be the absolute leader of the world. I will be the last and greatest leader history will ever speak of. I will leave nothing but Death in my wake. I will challenge the gods for my right. Why? Because there is no honor. Not so long as there is a winner.

Join me in my conquest. With our Power we will walk the Valley of Death and fear no one.

I am War, and this is my calling.

-teachings of War, act II

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