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In case anyone was wondering or cares, After 12 years the next anime installment in the Zoids franchise will air tomorrow in Japan, which has been titled: Zoids Wild.

In case you don't know, Zoids is a franchise that takes place on the fictional planet, Zi, featuring the titular mechas. But what separates this franchise from the others is that the robots aren't shaped like people, they are in fact shaped like animals. Any animal you can think of and there is probably a Zoid that looks like it.
From lions

To dinosaurs

To even mythological animals like this

Yes, this is real. There is an alicorn-based Zoid. And this model was thought up before Friendship is Magic aired.

Zoids Wild, from what i understand looking at the promotional material, is going to have callbacks to other Zoids media, such as a tournament plot like in New Century Zero and having no cockpits like some of the older toys. From the looks of things it's going to be fun and I can't wait for it. i hope it gets subbed soon. And to get you all hyped here is a video that was released showing the first 5 minutes of the first episode.

Hope that this got you all excited.

I'll be honest, I was super excited to hear zoids was coming back, as it was easily my favorite show back in the day and installed my love of massive mechs fighting. But that five minute preview video you linked, that isn't zoids, not even close. This looks to be a completely different thing that is simply using the name as a cash grab banking on nostalgia. Seeing my favorite show about a scrap seller who basically wanders onto battlefields/sporting arenas to collect the pieces of giant robots to sell getting drafted into said competition being turned into this...

I hate to say it but you've made my day appreciably worse.

Eh, to each there own. But i'm going to actually watch a few episodes before I pass judgement. and who knows it might not be a tournament story, that was just speculation I made based on promotional material. It might actually be a war story like it was in Chaotic Century and Genesis.

Yeah, much the same feeling about it myself - New Century Zero wasn't my favourite, but I loved Chaotic Century and have the same feeling as you regarding that. I was hoping for more of the 'clashing empires, ancient technology/society' storyline/setting. Instead it just kind of looks like robo-pokemon. Also much preferred the Zoids being bigger and having cockpits as well.
The animation is great, and I like seeing Zoids back in action... but otherwise it's just ehhhh.

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