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As all of you are aware there will be a third Equestria Girls movie (Faust help us). Aren't two enough? I have a bad feeling that they will wind up hooking Twilight up with trash sentry and then when she returns to Equestria she will want to hook up with the lowly private pony version. That will pretty much kill off the series or make Twilight an insignificant character and perhaps elevate somepony else, such as Lyra into her position. For all we know Twilight may remain in the human world and Sunset will return and take her place. Wouldn't that be ironic. While this is a worse case scenario, below you will read what I really think should happen.

Ok, Twilight decides to be a dunce and goes through the damn portal, again. When she gets there of course everyone will be so happy to see her but there will be one big difference. There will be certain characters that she will not be happy to see, such as a trashy "gee-tar" playing pretty boy. Well she will become more and more unpleasant to be around as she grows tired of the high school drama shit. Along with that, REAL things from the human world will start to emerge. Things such as famine, war, crime, economic depression and every other aspect of humanity that is not very pleasant. She will then decide to return to Equestria before she gets her mission done.

Celestia will naturally be enraged with Twilight not fixing whatever problem it is in the human world she was supposed to take care of. (Perhaps a human version of Tirek shows up). Twilight will tell her about how the human world really is but Celestia will still be angry over it. Twilight and Celestia will then get into a physical fight, throwing punches and throwing one another around. Eventually Twilight will throw Celestia through the mirror and immediately turn it off and then destroy it, which would trap Tia in the human world forever.

In a final strange twist of fate, both Celestias will meet which would create a paradox that would lead to the destruction of the human world and end this terrible mistake known as Equestria Girls.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4133955 Eh, i think you're getting just a little bit exagerrated. I doubt that Pony Twilight would leave her pony friend alone.
The most probable thing is sadly probable to happen is that Pony TS will get with Pony Flash and Human Flash will get the Human Twilight.
I was hoping that EQG 3 was going to be the last, but im afraid that there's gonna be at least another movie.
My only hopes are that EQG will have the same impact that the first one had. Like nothing happened.
EQG will have never any true ripercussion on the main show. The only thing we should suffer is having to endure Ass Entries pointless cameos made to make Flash fans and EQG-drones happy.

4134128 I am hoping that all the more trash sentry we have to deal with is him making pointless appearances. I would rather they execute Twilight for treason or banish her to the moon than reduce her to being less than nothing by hooking her up with a lowly private. Hell having her hook up with trashy WOULD be treason in my eyes. In my opinion romance has no place in MLP: FiM, with the exception of Cadence/SA and the Cakes (both of who are married.) Let any other romance stay in fan fiction, the real show has no need for it and Equestria Girls should have never been created to start with.

Azrael the alicorn
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4135075 Indeed. Even if i think romance could work if done properly and not be so sudden and shoehorned like FlashLight.

Regarding the romance thing, as long as it doesn't involve Twilight or Luna I would be fine with romance because I know they would never bring lesbian relationships into the show.

4133955 I am also upset because there will be an EG3, but I think in the end, human twilight will stay with flash and pony twilight will return to their world, but she will not remain with pony flash , the writers said that what happens in EG does not affect to the show, mlp is not a romantic show because it is aimed at children, they are not interested in romance, the only reason of because there romance in EG, is because film is aimed at girls 11 to 13 aged, the romance of EG is typical cliche romance that there is in the films of high school, EG does not affect to the show

pony Flash is a background character whose value is equal to zero, had no role in season 4, only had two cameos in where are we showed that flash is a simple background guard and human flash is a cliché

The only good thing of all of this, is that possibly EG separates of MLP with the introduction of human twilight
Sorry for my mistakes, my English is not very good

4137114 I know they are saying that MLP is aimed at children and is not romantic but I think they are only telling part of the story. They know how popular the show is among the older audience, which is why I think episode 100 is background ponies. They know that we appreciate them in a way that the target audience doesn't. Regarding MLP not being a romantic show because it is aimed at children, they tried to insert romance into My Little Pony Tales and we all know how that turned out. They also know how much we despise the idea of hooking Twilight up with Flash Sentry. As long as it doesn't affect the show, they can do what they want in EG. What I do find wrong with human Twilight liking human Flash is that it depicts her in a very shallow way. She goes after the "attractive" gee-tar playing, Camaro driving pretty boy rather than an everyday guy, someone who is a real person. Of course in the pony world, I think Flash looks like a pony version of a pretty boy. If human Twilight is supposed to be anything like pony Twilight, the writers failed miserably with how she would be. Pony Twilight would go for intelligence, not a pretty face. Don't worry about your English, I didn't even notice any differences.

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