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We know why we joined this group. But what's your story? I know I'm some random pony on the internet but I'm curious. I'm one of those ponies who like to meet people and help people. I'm hooves up for helping people. But before I know you. How about my story. Sounds fair, right?

:facehoof: Where to begin? :pinkiegasp: I know! Short version: from k-8 I've been bullied. (Haven't been bullied in high school yet. Thank Celestia) I've been an outcast. I'd be one of those kids you'd look at and assume he was fine. Basically a kid with fake smiles and non-visible bruises. I was that kid who'd be all by himself on the playground/courtyard. That's me.

What led me to this story? Well I met a stallion about a week ago named "Dramacolt" and we were bsing (b-s-ing. talking) and then our conversation stopped and I started reading his stories. I'll be honest, the only one I've read is "When kindness met hatred." But I will read the rest soon. Today I finally reminded myself to follow him *wink* *wink* and then I read a blog of his that led me to another blog that led me to this group. Hopefully I'll meet wonderful ponies and learn a little about somepony. :twilightsmile:

Also I'm a pony that speaks like this: Don't they know that the clouds are made from concrete? Right through the stone can you hear my heartbeat? Will the sun ever shine on my grave?


Welcome to the group! I do hope you enjoy yourself here and make new friends.

P.S. Thanks for the follow, but I'm a stallion, not a mare. :raritywink:

2131438 Woops :derpytongue2: my bad. I've been using that word a lot.

Ohmigosh....you and I are so alike! I joined this group because I was bullied a lot ever since I had transfered from my old school in first grade. I still get bullied sometimes for being so shy and quiet. They mimick me a lot, I did tell the teacher, but it was no use. :fluttershyouch: I am still trying to deal with it by ignoring them, though it is not exactly working well......

I don't have much friends in school either.... You have no idea how happy I am to have such great friends here in Fimfiction! :scootangel: I hope this group will grow even bigger than it is! :twilightsmile:

2131682 Your never alone. Plus I am well shy in school too. I do get made fun of time to time but its only little things. Like I said "I love meeting new ponies." If its okay with you, would you like to chat?

2131740 Sure! I love making new friends, too. :twilightsmile: Do you have skype? :scootangel:

2133630 I made a Skype account a couple months ago but never used it. So I think I gotta make a new one.


Nonononononono, you don't have to if you don't want to. I really don't want to make anypony do something. We can just private message here. You can choose, I will be statisfied with what you want. :twilightsmile:

2134139 Oh....ok. I think I'll go with private messages.

2134268 *nods* I will private message you from now on! :yay:

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