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Phookas (not to be confused with Pukas, a type of changeling relative) are giant sapient lagomorphs found throughout Stirrope, Mustikk, and Equus, but are rarely seen, and are often considered to be a myth.

In reality, they are simply secretive, and VERY hard to find.

Black Phooka

Nocturnal, these 3 foot tall phookas are exclusively tree-dwellers. They are fond of riddles and word games, and are the easiest type of phooka to find because they love the company of other races, if not their own.

Dark Phooka

Exclusively carnivorous, dark phookas are the least civilized of the phooka races. At 6-7 feet tall, these large predators are difficult to identify as sapient, though their hunting tactics and use of simple stone tools reveal more than mere animal cunning.

Great Phooka

Ranging between 3 and 7 feet tall, these phookas are the most secretive, living in massive underground villages known as Warrens. Within these villages, they run the gamut from warrior-philosophers to simple farmers, and each Warren is its own self-sustaining community, relying on no one but its own population.

Great Phookas possess earth-based elemental magic, mostly in the form of animating stone guardians and making tunnels that allow instant travel to their home.

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