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The Masked Ghost
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Ok then, I just put up 4 new moview reviews up on the catolouge. I wasn't planning on doing it, however, since there isn't much activity coming from the other reviewers, I though about stepping in and doing something for it.

Although, I just pasted and copied it from my Movie review blog. Let me explain. You see, I do these daily blogs, which I have something every day. This is basically what I mean.

Monday-Game Urban Myths and mysteries or something
Tuesday-Movie news/reviews
Wednesday-Some Random Bullshit (It's where I take the most random youtube videos that I can find that are not well known and put it up in a blog.
Thursday-Rant of the Week (ROTW) It's also a fan requested one as well)
Frieday-Gaming News/reviews
Saturday-Commentraeries on fics that I have

I usally do this exculsivly for my followers and people who read my shit, or in other words, fics.

So, yea.

Also, the new rule is that, to say if you want to review a movie, however you don't want to apply to be a reviewer, you can stil review, but it has to be in a seprate blog. Not sure why I'm even doing this, but i've came across one or two people wyo wanted to do reviews, but didn't apply for one, so, let's just see what happens with this. It might make this group even better.

Al;so, i'll try to promote this group even more soon.

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