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Okay so basically what if a DC hero suddenly found themselves permanently in the Marvel Universe? Now the purpose of this thread isn't to do the whole

"Oh, they'd instantly clash with everyone"

The purpose of this thread is to give your thoughts on how a DC hero would react, adapt, and what friends or enemies they would make and not really HOW they got to the universe. Here's something to start off with

What if Wonder Woman was in the Marvel universe?

Friends and enemies:

1: Namor

The king of Atlantis himself, and probably the bane of Diana's existence on Earth 616. He's not as much an enemy as he is an annoyance. His constant attempts to win Diana's affection through dominating her is often enough times to send Diana over the edge and ends with a very beaten Namor.

2: Wolverine

When Diana first meets Wolverine her feelings for him are pretty much indifferent, and she sees him as a good ally and friend. Over time she develops some feeling for him, and over time Logan does as well, but events would occur that would keep the two from ever carrying their relationship further.

3:Captain America

Diana and Steve see eye to eye on a lot of things, but they don't always get along. They are good friends and can easily put aside their differences for the good of mankind, but truth be told he reminds her a little too much of a certain "boy scout" back home.

4: Artume

Diana's counterpart and archenemy on Earth 616. Artume is disgusted by Diana's claim to be a daughter of the Amazon's and Hippolyta, and seeks to destroy her and expose her as a farce. Diana is in turn angered by Artume's disposition often scolding the girl about how her anger is wasted and how she is living her life in vanity when she could be so much greater.

4: She-Hulk

Another one of Diana's close friends on Earth 616. The two women are often seen together chit chatting about life or working together on an Avengers Mission. Diana likes her friend, but often comments about how "eccentric" she is.

5: Thor

Diana and Thor have a warriors respect for one another, and they are good friends. Thor finds Diana's compitition with his fiance, Sif, amusing just as Diana finds her ability to drink Thor under the table the same. Unlike his friend Hercules, Diana can tolerate Thor a lot easier due to him being more honorable much less oafish that Hercules.

6: Doctor Doom

Perhaps the only person Diana truly fears, her first encounter with Victor Von Doom nearly ended with her demise. While usually this would not be enough to cause innate fear for her, Diana fears the evil Doom is capable of more than anything else.

7: Magneto

Diana both respects and despises Erik Lehnsherr AKA Magneto. She respects him for his genuine compassion and protective nature for his fellow mutants, but despises his black and white view point of human/mutant relationships. Diana truly believes Magneto could be a true champion of mutant rights if it were not for his own anger and prejudice causing him to see all humans as inferior or that they will never accept mutants fully.

8: Hercules

Diana really can't stand him because of the fact that of the woe his DC counterpart brought down upon the Amazons. She admits that he is somewhat different, but she cannot entirely shake her contempt. Luckily though she is often able to put aside differences when the need to work together outweighs what would happen if they did not. Hercules often remarks on how much of her mother she sees in her, despite the fact that Earth 616's Hippolyta is not Diana's mother

9: Carol Danvers AKA Ms. Marvel AKA Captain Marvel

Probably Diana's closest friend on Earth 616. The two would go as far as to share an apartment together. It was Diana who encouraged Carol to take on the Captain Marvel mantle, telling her of the valor and heroism of a Captain Marvel from her home universe and that it is mantle that should continue on in Earth 616 as she had heard many great things of Captain Mar-Vell as well.


Diana really likes Peter, but as one really likes a friend that can always make them laugh even in their darkest of moments. There are many times that Peter has cheered her up, and the two have a very close friendship. The will go to great lengths to help one another such as from helping to take down Doctor Octopus latest contraption to showing up as Peter's date for a special party.

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2325181 *basks in the awe that is this idea and secretly wishes someone could write a story worthy of it*

2325181>>2325278 I'd get in on it if I didn't have to get some actual work done :applejackunsure:

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2325287 *continues to sob*

And alas, I am very busy....although I can easily use this as a basis for the interactions of MY Wonder Woman in my universe....:duck:


How'd she react to her battle hungry mother then? Lol

2325340 Upon hearing of Earth 616 Hippolyta's barbaric actions, Diana becomes disgusted and refuses to meet with her

2325663 Still thinking on him since Simon Williams has gone through a lot of character growth over the years. Originally a villain, then a hero, then a hero with a penchant for being a celebrity and doing some movies, then being driven insane and trying to destroy the Avengers as he thought they did more harm then good, and currently is sane once again and is a pacifist.

Really he's been kinda all over the place for the most part, so it's kinda hard to think on how Diana would react to him or what their relationship would be.

If it's the more celebrity/actor Wonder Man then he'd either try to get her to change her name to something else so no one thinks they're related or something(Which given the drastically different costumes no one would think that anyway), or try to date her if only for publicity. To either of these, Diana would decline. She'd also comment that he reminds her very much of Booster Gold.

If it's the insane Simon then that speaks for itself.

If it's the pacifist Wonder Man, then I can see her respecting him as a hero and his decision to only help people by NOT throwing a punch. Seriously Wonder Man has stated he will never strike someone again. Doesn't mean he can't fight though since wrestling isn't hitting anyone. :trollestia:

2325742 Oh hey!

Do Booster Gold next! :rainbowkiss:

2325752 Actually the next one I'm doing is Tim Drake. I've got three more, including Tim, already set in mind to do before I start taking requests

2325760 are any of them Jason Todd? :trixieshiftright:

2325765 Tim is the only Bat Family member I'm using. I guess I can tell you the others I've got in mind

Kyle Rayner. He's my second favorite GL Corps member behind Guy, with Hal being the 3rd. The Kyle I'd be using is a somewhat early career Kyle, so before he brought the Corps back. Since Ion was powering his battery at that time, like sealed inside his battery instead of being in the main battery on Oa. This way he can still keep his ring going despite the fact he's in a different universe with no Oa or anything and it's also a more inexperienced Kyle which I think would be pretty interesting to see.

Barry Allen, mainly since Barry is no stranger to other universes and such.

And finally, the big blue himself Superman.


Barry Allen, mainly since Barry is no stranger to other universes and such.

So he'd be like 'Alt. Universe? Whatever. Where's the nearest super team?'

2325862 Yeah pretty much. Barry has done a lot of time travel, dimensional crossing, etc, over the years. He's almost like The Doctor of DC when it comes to that kind of stuff. Difference here is that he's stuck in the Marvel universe so he'd definitely have problems like dealing with not being able to get back, so I would mostly see him gravitating to and becoming friends with heroes who remind him of his friends back home.


The Doctor of DC when it comes to that kind of stuff

Bonus points because he doesn't actually age unless he wants to.

Although the speed force isn't in the Marvel universe, so Barry would need to recreate the speed force there in order to get his powers back.

How often were you going to do this, anyway?

2325899 Whenever I get a list of each 10 characters I can see each DC hero having a definite friendship or archenemy relationship with.

2325933 so this will be like your version of my DC/Marvel mash up thing? :duck:

2325942 Not really. Yours is mixing characters, mine is how a DC character would react to Marvel characters if they were to live in the Marvel universe indefinitely

2325950 I'm almost done with mine, btw :moustache:

2325181 How about billionaire playboy Tony Stark?

2474932 Ah, the Iron Man.

They're friends, but there's a distance between them. The "billionaire playboy" attitude reminds her a bit too much of a certain Caped Crusader, but minus the brooding and the fact Tony is a playboy 24/7 unlike the other billionaires she knows. Strangely enough, despite this Tony has never asked Diana out.......... Much to her surprise and disappointment considering he's done so with every other female Avenger at some point.

2475006. :rainbowlaugh: So true. Okay, one more (best for last): Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson.

2475039 Diana hasn't had much time to form a concrete opinion of Deadpool........... Mostly because he never stays conscious long enough when she's around thanks to her fist. She can only stand roughly 2 minutes of Wade's inane prattling before he's out like a light. At times she finds it EXTREMELY hard to believe the man is a counterpart to Slade Wilson

2475068. Of course. Deadpool does have that charm. So, you gonna do another one of these threads with a different character? :duck:

Comment posted by LittleBoyBlue deleted Dec 29th, 2013

2475086 Yeah I meant to have more out by now, but got busy with other stuff(mainly real life stuff) so that didn't happen. Should have another up by Monday night

2475103. Sweet! I'll make sure to check it out. :twilightsmile:

2475132 I'll give you a hint as to who it is

2475161 Hmmm....lightning....could it be? :unsuresweetie:

2475249 His real name starts with a B

2475260 ....IS IT WHO I THINK IT IS?! :pinkiegasp:

Pretty interesting, also congratulations for writing one of the few DC/Marvel narrations to have both sides of the story in character.
Cheers mate (I've been playing a lot of TF2)

2486915 Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

I'm an Engineer mostly :ajsmug:

Funny considering that the adobe quote is from the Demoman.:trollestia:

2487113 I know, just sayin'. Also you need more gun :pinkiecrazy:

Who need guns when you have a zapper?:trollestia::trollestia:

Wow, this is really thought through! You should totally make a story out of it. I would so support it. :ajsmug:

Batman and Wolverine: Both fire forged individuals who have suffered great loss and pain, and for the most part prefer to work alone (at least when they start out) and both develop into great leaders, but whilst they are simular Wolverine has no qualms about killing (at least to my knowledge, please correct me if I'm wrong) and has lived for much longer than Batman, which could lead to some interesting clashes between the two, Logan seeing Bruce as a comparatively inexperienced idealist clinging to a rule that cannot last forever, whilst Bruce would certainly be wary around Logan and not just the fact he has Adamantium claws, but the fact he kills, and yet he's so simular to him, and not an evil counterpart. I don't see them as enemies, but certainly rivals and two different sides of a coin. What could they learn from each other?

Since I've reading Wonder Woman for more than 10 years, I think I can speak of her and I disagree with Namor. Aren't you reading New Avengers? Namor blow up a parallel world killing BILLIONS of people and was also responsible for Hiroshima, so no, they aren't gonna be friends, he's like New 52 Orion, but worse.

2325181 You have a ton of ideas, this should be written down as a story as soon as possible. And to go along with that story here are a few candidates for consideration....

What would Superman interact and relate with the Marvel Universe? Or Batman? Or any of the Justice League? I can imagine Bruce and Tony would have more than a few interesting things to say to each other, considering one is a tormented yet determined soul disguising himself as a Playboy Philanthropist with knowledge of nearly anything to some degree and the other is a Playboy Philanthropist weapons designer given a hard kick up the backside by life. Or Wolverine like I said before, or maybe even Shield? I can't imagine Bruce would be thrilled at the idea of another hard-line Knight Templar Secret agency using such short term and often violent solutions to their problems, and I imagine Nick Fury would have one or two things to say to Batman about 'his' methods.

Also, theoretically, what would it be like for Marvel Characters stranded in the DC Universe?

2325181 One character who didn't make this list, what about Spidy? Poor Spiderman, he cannot join the Avengers because he belongs to a different company, his best show was cancelled because of negotiating problems to be replaced with a below sub-par cartoon show, is continually milked by both Disney and Sony and now he doesn't even get a spot on a fanfic thread! As ItsJustSomeRandomGuy said on his I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC videos.......

"Marvel will be making billions of of She Hulk, Damage control, Wonder Man and Werewolf by Night movies and I'll be getting bit by that freaking SPIDER for the seventh time! And...and there's got to be some alternate history versions of the story and we can't deprive the people of that! At this point, we won't run out of stories to tell until 2099! At which point they can just make a movie of SPIDERMAN 2099! DOESN'T THAT ALL SOUND GREAT?!"

So long story short, what would Wonder Woman's opinion be on Spiderman?

2325181 you forgot to answer the last question.

Also, Hulk?

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