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Black Adam; the sovereign ruler of Kahndaq.

And Apocalypse; the first and most powerful mutant in existence.

These two comic-book villains originating from Ancient Egypt possess many godly abilities, but what happens when they use the full extent of their powers in a truly epic fight to the death?

SIDE NOTE #1: I do not own the image.

SIDE NOTE #2: Linkara was right. If these villains both come from Ancient Egypt, then that place really was pure evil in comic-books.

Intriguing battle idea. They are about equal in experience and ruthlessness, so I have no doubt it would be a very good fight. Still, it ultimately boils down to the level of opposition they are used to.

Apocalypse routinely loses to the X-Men. To be fair, the X-Men have really good teamwork and a pretty good range of abilities between the group (as well as a respectable level of those abilities in most cases), so they aren't exactly pushovers. Still, the X-Men are not planet-buster-level powerful (with the exceptions of Jean Grey when super-charged by the Phoenix Force or Rogue if she absorbs the right powers, but even those are reasonably rare).

Black Adam's chief nemesis and physical equal, however, is Captain Marvel/Shazam, who is comparable to Superman in terms of power (and Superman IS frequently depicted as planet buster level powerful when he goes all out) but without the vulnerabilities to Kryptonite and red sun light and with a much higher resistance to magic. Yes, Black Adam loses more often than he wins, but he is able to consistently give a Superman-tier hero a very close clash in a fair fight.

So, it is fairly safe to say that Black Adam does at least edge out Apocalypse in the power department. Of course, Apocalypse has a greater degree of versatility in his number of abilities, so it would not be an easy fight.

We would have to wait and see, as it could easily go either way.

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