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First lets make it clear that this particular forum is NOT a competition to see who can do worse overall (that would be DC:trollestia:) but rather just a compare and contrast between the story arcs that are generally believed to be the absolute WORST things to happen to either major publisher.

My personal picks are:


Spider-Man: One More Day
Ultimates: Ultimatum


The Dark Knight Strikes Again
Amazons Attack

How about you guys?

1796328 One More Day, all the way.

Haven't read any DC comics, so I can't comment there.


Amen to One more day. Oh and dying wish with the emergence of Doc Ock as SpOck in Marvel.

DC? Trinity war, Amazon's attack, and Infinite Countdown.

1796328 Pretty much the same for me.............. but you forgot Cry for Justice :ajbemused:

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1796454>>1796443>>1796357>>1796349 You all forgot this one.

1799847 That wasn't horrible. It was probably best left as a "What If?" kind of story, but that's neither here nor there. :applejackunsure:


It is actually one of my favorite stories good sir, because it shows the consequences and pros being a hero for your government.

1796443>>1796454 Don't you guys mean 'Gay for Justice'? :trollestia:

1796357 I haven't read Trinity War, don't spoil it :ajbemused:


No worries. But the only thing I did like about it was Ivan Reis
And JLDark.

1799950 Yes, but they went about it the wrong way. It wasn't so much a Civil War be the end as it was a pissing contest between Cap and Iron man. Iron Man himself was a huge Black Hole of Character developement. Like when the Thor clone showed up and killed Giant Man, he could have possibly seen the Error of what he was doing and been all like " This isn't what I wanted." Instead he was more like "Well that happened, let's move on." Not to mention Cap's big cop out at the final battle. The guy got heroes (and a few villians) Killed a for his cause and then just gives up. The heck is that? I'll tell you what that is. Marvel didn't know who they wanted to win so they just tried to gloss things over and even made a few mistakes in that. The Civil War wasn't a mistake. The way they did it was.

1800002 The X-men tie-in had even less charm. To sum it up, that arc went like this:

Mutants: We are staying out of this

Cyclops: Screw that, I'm fighting for freedom!

Other mutants: So are we!

Then it concluded with them getting locked inside their own base that was about to go boom

Weak sauce, Dude :ajbemused:


Anyone forget that Cyclops was pretty much as douche as Tony and Bishop combined?

1800056 No. The only two characters who had Their own books from this Arc that I liked were Wolverine, cause he went and figured out who actually caused the Civil War instead of just blaming the New Warriors (Not that it helped any in the end, but he gets points for trying), And Spider-Man because he had that change of heart I was mentioning Iron Man should have had. He actually switched sides, and showed up Iron man by taking away his control over the Scarlet Spider Armor. In your face Stark.


Yeah, those were the Tie-ins I pretty much spent getting cause those two can pretty much not be hypocrites.

1800102 Exactly. And don't get the wrong Idea, Marvel had a good idea with this Arc, but they just got really lazy after a while and gave up. That is the only reason I place this above even One More Day on my most hated Marvel Arcs. Oh I also recently found out that Spider-Man still has all the powers that he got in The Other. Not that their doing him much good since he's all not wxisting at the moment. Unless he's back now. does anyone know?


Unfortunately peter is not back for a sore loser of a scientist is running around in his body still...

1800194 Whoa man have a little respect for Doc Ock. He's always been one of Spidey's most dangerous enemies. Anyway this Arc has great potential. I mean after bringing Pete back from the dead, do you really think the other is just gonna take this lying down. Plus thanks to Ock not having as much control as Peter, we finally got to see just how strong the Wall crawler really is.


Well he may be a grade A douche, but you have a point. Especially since he had the balls to actually go after Kingpin. Still though I think everyone is taking stupid pills for not recognizing Peter and Spider-mans change in attitude and vocabulary.

1800399 Especially considering the Avengers have a history with Mind control, hypnotism, Possesion, shapeshifters, Robot looka likes, and clones.

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