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Defintion: A man who likes ponies, who is epic in all the sense of the word, creator of Ballad of the Brony and My Two Bits, Narrator of Brony Chronicles, and is a host of Brony Breakdown.

But honestly if you didn't know that, why are you here?

Feel free to join!

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Brony Breakdown can be found on Everfree Radio on Thursdays 10 P.M.

"Brony Breakdown is a livestream show hosted by Saberspark and Paleo. Each week, we will cover and discuss topics that have occurred throughout the previous week. From the comings and goings of voice actors to major events in the fandom, we strive to keep you updated on what is going on the Brony community.

Along with that, we will showcase our personal picks of fan content from the past week. Sometimes it is a silly video, other times it is a beautiful piece of music! The possibilities are endless and that is half the fun of digging through content in the fandom! So tune in for your weekly dose of news and fan creations from the world of Bronies!"
~ Everfree Youtube Channel


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Saberspark isn't going to host Brony Breakdown anymore! :applecry::fluttercry::raritydespair:

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