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sung by shining armor. Or twilight depending on the context you take this in.


This is how I think it would be.

I might just go with Prince of Crime on on this. Its tone—I think—creates a better mood overall. Even if it has no lyrics.

Yo, guys. If any of you happen to stumble across this post, then you're in for something good.

I'm a songwriter, lyrics, music and singing, and ever since I've started reading this story, I've said to myself, "I need to write something for this." And I have. To the music of Awoken, by Glaze (WoodenToaster) and H_8 Seed, I have come up with 95% of the lyrics (two darn lines I can't figure out, anyone that could help would be appreciated) and am in the process of looking for someone to sing it so that we can record it.

Should anyone be interested, please contact me via PM, ASAP.

I've always loved those immensely crushing albums that just make you feel like there's no escape and just zap the energy from you, but I've rarely come across one that truly makes you feel like you're trapped in a mental asylum.
This was one of maybe four or five of them:

The littlest things, Toh Kay.
Most especially The were that says "well I took the medicine, but the pills won't work, the pills they don't do anything but, rearrange all the littlest thing. I thought I knew a little bit, but that bit won't do. That bit I know is irrelevant, so I guess this song is irrelevant too."

Perfect for asylum

1793776 Everyone's so darn depressing in this thread!
I suggest this:

It is oddly fitting for some reason...

Unwell by matchbox 20 fits twilight anyway XD

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