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Showmare Trixie
Group Admin

I realize that this group was made a bit too... organized. :trixieshiftleft: Not normally an issue, but, it does lead to a rather pronounced lack of activity: Since we are dependent on the creation of new threads to keep up in our members notifications.

As such, you'll likely notice that most of the threads have been deleted, or revamped, or are in the process of being put through one of the two.

If you have a fan-theory, feel free to make your own thread on the subject, the theory directory will be getting updated with every theory I see that is somewhat serious--so, no 'What if Twilight was phone?' theories--over just theories that people request to have put in. Though you can request to have it removed if you'd like. :trixieshiftleft:

As the story goes on, I'll likely start on a spoiler system as well. But! That is besides the point.

For the next several days the group will be changing: And it will be doing so based off of your feedback on what you'd like the group to offer, or how you guys want it to work. So post away. :twilightsmile:

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