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Just throwing an idea out there for any writer to use;

Despite the lack of use in the show apart from the season 3 premire and the Equestria Games, I think there is potential for Equestrian Lore to take an interesting turn with the introduction of the Crystal Empire. This is just a random head cannon, make of it what you will, but honestly, with the little detail we get those things are going to run wild for a looooooonng time.

The Crystal Empire was founded by the first Equines as a means of protecting themselves from the dangers of the outside world, coming across a natural powerful artifact (the Crystal Heart) which has remained buried in that site since the world began. Drawing strength from this mystical artifact these Equines became the first Civilization of Ponies in the world, continuing to grow and develop thanks to the hearts power. But ultimately with that power came conciousness. Like in the Secret of Nimh the residents of the Empire start questioning what is the best way forward;
1) To take on more ethical and moral responsibility, finding a way to live without relying on the heart, which they now see as a holding hoof preventing them from growing any further.
2) To continue living as before, with everything they could need at their beck and call.
3) Share their prosperity with the rest of the world (either through sharing the hearts power or (like Fire Lord Sozin from Avatar: The Last Airbender) spreading it through force and hegemony (it is an Empire after all)
4) Conserve the power of the Heart for the Empire only, don't allow it to fall into the hands of those who would abuse its power.

These 4 camps shape Empire politics and would later shape the future of their Empire and Equestria.

The first camp moved away (either by choice or by circumstance and/or banishment), settling in another land far from the Empire, which would grow into the original homelands of the Ponies that would found Equestria.

The Second stay in the Empire and develop into the Crystal Ponies we see in the show.

The Third was the origin of two of the shows Villains, Sombra and the Changelings. For the Changelings they were once Crystal ponies who sought to not only gain more power for their Empire, but also ascend them to a higher place of being, the rise above the mortal races as Gods. However their Hubris would be their downfall, as meddling with the heart caused it to become temporarily corrupted, transforming those who sought to use its power into the first Changelings (so yes this is similar to the origin of the Darkspawn in Dragon Age).
Then we have Sombra, ironically the hero who restored the heart and banished the Changelings. In purifying the heart, he unknowingly became corrupted by the taint he thought he destroyed, turning him slowly into the Tyrant who would call on darkness and shadow to save his Empire from a threat greater than himself (possibly Tirek, who knows), but like Arthas from WoW he became a threat to Equestria, as he used sought to conquer the rest of Equestria, tying himself to his Empire so that if he fell, the Empire would come down with him.

Finally the 4th party was the original Royal blood line, made up of Alicorns, who after Sombra's victory over the Changelings (Sombra would be say their Champion or "the Hand of the King" if we want to go all GoT) decided to hide the heart so its power would never be corrupted or misused again. They reckoned without Sombra's betrayal and the majority were wiped out. However a small number of Alicorns escaped, and would remain hidden for a thousand years away from everyone else, away from Sombra, and it would be years before they finally left solitude, though by that time there was only one hier left, Cadence. Perhaps they dared not venture out to see if Sombra was dead, knowing his power granted him immortality, and they slowly died off, until only Cadence was left, and was found by Celestia as a foal, alone, then we know the rest. I think that ties up alot of the Lore don't you?

Its an idea anyway, so go head, use it. I'm writing a story of my own so I can't dedicate time to this idea, but if anyone wants to use it, go ahead.

No one here? Hello? Anyone interested?

3630833 Yes they do but I am too busy with other projects to write it.
But they are good ideas :twilightsmile:
Of course if we could use parts I like the Changelings Crystal pony angale

well my story has a small origins story of the Founder of the empire

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