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A reader of mine suggested that I post this here.

I was originally going to cancel My Lil' Daddy, but I realized that doing so may make it closed from anyone trying to continue it, which isn't what I want.

To clarify, I want people to continue this series. The only condition I have is that you be a semi-decent writer (no "all present tense" writers, either) and link to the original somewhere in the description, as well as be willing to update the fic at least once every six months. So, if you're interested, please comment below and let me know if you're up to pick up where I'm leaving off.

3179263 When you do pick someone, would you let me know who you choose?

3182165 I'm going to edit this post when I do. Keep an eye open!

3182817 I think you might need to join the group and re-pot the thread.
When you first poted here, I wasn't notified.

Who is the new author?
3182817. If there is one.

3206558 Is there a new author yet?:fluttershysad:

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